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Sauk County Birth Certificates View Sauk County, Wisconsin birth certificate information, including required identification and fees for certified copy requests.

Sauk County Death Certificates & Records Find Sauk County, Wisconsin death records, and learn about the fees and process for requesting copies of certified death certificates.

Sauk County Genealogy Records View Sauk County genealogy trails website for general information and for record search including birth, military and census.

Sauk County Genealogy Records (Wisconsin) View Sauk County general genealogy information and also find the web links.

Sauk County Historical Photo Archives,_Wisconsin_Genealogy Find information about Sauk County, Wisconsin Historical Photo Archives including photo galleries, historic preservation, and cultural heritage boards.

Sauk County Marriage Certificates & Records View Sauk County, Wisconsin marriage certificate and license requirements, including fees for certified marriage record copy requests.

Find Sauk County Genealogy Records

Sauk County Genealogy Records are kept by a number of different government agencies and departments in Sauk County, Wisconsin. The U.S. Census Bureau maintains Genealogy Records in the form of census data. Other municipal and Wisconsin State offices also maintain records that are useful for tracing lineage. Sauk County Vital Records Offices hold birth, marriage, and death records that date back hundreds of years.

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