Wabasha County Health Department in Wabasha Minnesota

Address and phone number for Wabasha County Health Department, a Health Department, at 3rd Street East, Wabasha MN.

Wabasha County Health Department
107 3rd Street East, Wabasha, Minnesota, 55981
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

About the Wabasha County Health Department

The Wabasha County Health Department, located in Wabasha, MN, monitors public health risks, coordinates Wabasha agencies responding to public health threats, and enforces Minnesota public health standards. As a Department of Public Health (DPH), the department works to prevent the spread of diseases, promote healthy behaviors, and ensure a clean water supply. The Health Department also provides access to Wabasha County public records.

You may contact the Health Department for questions about:
  • Wabasha public health records
  • Wabasha restaurant inspection reports and grades
  • How to find Wabasha vital records
  • Minnesota health codes and health code violations
  • Wabasha drinking water reports
Wabasha Disease Surveillance

The Wabasha County Health Department tracks infectious diseases in Wabasha to prevent and contain outbreaks. The Health Department also offers immunization clinics and resources to prevent infectious diseases like measles, flu, and pneumonia. In Minnesota, Health Departments work together to inform the public about diseases and track infectious disease outbreaks. The department provides information on current outbreaks, the number of reported cases or hospitalizations, and educational resources on prevention.

Public Health Education

The Health Department also provides public health education resources for Wabasha residents. As a public health resource, Wabasha County Health Department educates the public on Wabasha County health concerns, which include chronic diseases, food borne illnesses, and injury prevention. The Health Department also provides information about hazardous household materials, environmental health, and healthy behaviors. They offer clinical services, including flu shot or immunization clinics, blood pressure screenings, and nutritional resources.

Find Wabasha Vital Records

The Health Department in Wabasha manages public records, including birth records and death records. These include birth certificates for people born in Wabasha and death certificates for people who passed away in Wabasha. The office also provides Wabasha County vital statistics, which the public can search for vital record information.

Enforcing Minnesota Health Codes

The Minnesota Health Department sets standards and reporting requirements through its health codes. In Wabasha, the Wabasha County Health Department enforces the health code by carrying out inspections, issuing licenses, and monitoring public health. In Wabasha County, local Health Departments work together to monitor public health and verify that Minnesota health codes are followed.

Wabasha Restaurant Inspections

In Wabasha, the Health Department runs a food safety program to ensure Wabasha restaurants and food service establishments follow health regulations. The Health Department also conducts regular inspections and rates restaurants according to the food safety rating system. Wabasha residents can look up food safety ratings, check for health code violations, and look up complaints through the Wabasha County Health Department.

Drinking Water Testing

The Health Department inspects and tests Wabasha drinking water, including wells and septic systems. These inspections look for bacteria, harmful chemicals, and compounds that affect water systems. The department also issues permits for wells and septic systems.

Contact the Wabasha County Health Department

You may contact the Wabasha County Health Department by calling 651-565-5200, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Wabasha County Health Department, 107 3rd Street East, Wabasha, Minnesota, 55981.

Map of Wabasha County Health Department in Wabasha Minnesota

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