Franklin County Marriage License Office

Find Franklin County Vermont marriage license offices. Marriage license offices provide information on marriage certifications, wedding licenses, certificates, applications, fees, and requirements.

Bakersfield Marriage License 40 East Bakersfield Road Bakersfield VT 05441 8274495

Berkshire Marriage License 4454 Water Tower Road Berkshire VT 05450 9332335

Fairfax Marriage License 12 Buck Hollow Rd. Fairfax VT 05454 849-6111

Fairfield Marriage License 25 North Road Fairfield VT 05455 8273261

Franklin Marriage License 5167 Main Street Franklin VT 05457 2852101

Georgia Marriage License 47 Town Common Road North St. Albans VT 05478 5243524

Highgate Marriage License 2996 Vermont 78 Highgate VT 05459 8684697

Montgomery Marriage License 98 Main Street Montgomery VT 05471 326-4719

Richford Marriage License 94 Main Street Richford VT 05476 8487751

Sheldon Marriage License 1640 Main Street Sheldon VT 05483 9332524

Swanton Marriage License 1 Academy Street Swanton VT 05488 8684421

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About Marriage License Offices

What is the cost of a marriage license?

The cost of a marriage license varies depending on the Marriage License Office. Most marriage license fees range from $20 to $100. In some states, the fee may be waived if the couple completes a premarital course or counseling.

Do both members of the couple have to be present to receive a marriage license?

Yes. Whether you complete the license application online or in the Marriage License Office, both parties must appear together to sign the license at the time it is issued and both must present photo identification.

If I am divorced, do I need to bring divorce papers to get a marriage license?

Divorce papers are typically not required. It is up to the applicant to provide accurate information concerning prior marriages on the marriage license application.