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Find visitors centers, or tourist centers. Visitors centers provide information on vacation packages, tours, hotels, conventions, attractions, and landmarks in an area.

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What is a Visitors Center?

A Visitors Center is an office or building associated with an attraction that provides guests and travelers with information and guidance relevant to their visit. A Visitors Center may be associated with a geographic location such as a state, city, or region, or it may be part of an attraction, destination, or company. It may also be called a Visitor Information Center. In addition to providing useful information to guests, Visitors Centers are usually designed to project a favorable image of the attraction or locale.

State Visitors Centers are typically located along major thoroughfares, often at major crossroads or near the entry points to a state. They provide information on destination points and attractions as well as maps and other navigational resources. They often have staff that can answer visitors' questions, and most offer restrooms, food, beverages, and other conveniences.

Tourism Visitors Centers provide travelers to a city or region with information on available lodgings, restaurants, attractions, transportation, and activities. In addition to helping visitors find what they need and enjoy their stay, Tourism Visitors Centers actively market their city or region.

Destination Visitors Centers are associated with a particular venue or attraction. The information and services they offer are tailored to help guests enjoy their visit. In addition to assisting guests, they are usually the point of entry to a venue where fees or charges are collected, and they often feature gift shops, food, and beverages. Depending on the venue, these Visitors Centers may offer tours and interactive exhibits. U.S. National Parks and many state parks have Visitors Centers to assist guests in navigating the park system and identifying points of interest.

A Corporate Visitors Center is associated with a particular company and is usually located in the city where the company is headquartered, or otherwise has a significant presence. Corporate Visitors Centers provide information about the company's history, evolution, operations, products, and services. They may offer tours of the company's facilities, exhibits, or demonstrations. A Corporate Visitors Center also includes a gift shop with samples of the company's products and related memorabilia.