Tarrant County Department of Justice

Find Tarrant County Texas Department of Justice, Justice Department and DoJ locations. The Department of Justice provides information on law enforcement and justice in the U.S.A., juvenile justice, the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, criminal justice degrees and criminal justice jobs, as well as information about justice career opportunities in its subsidiary agencies.

Arlington Texas Department of Justice 1201 North Watson Road Arlington TX 76006 817-640-8960

Fort Worth Texas Department of Justice 819 Taylor Street Fort Worth TX 76102 800-772-1213

Fort Worth Texas Department of Justice 2462 East Long Avenue Fort Worth TX 76106 817-378-2100

Fort Worth Texas Department of Justice 3045 South Riverside Drive Fort Worth TX 76119 817-531-0700

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What is the difference between a U.S. Attorney and a state prosecutor?

A U.S. Attorney represents the United States government in federal cases that are heard in federal courts. State prosecutors represent the state in cases involving state law that are heard in state courts. Both state and federal law are involved in some cases, which can result in both the U.S. and the state prosecuting a case.

Can the Department of Justice represent me in my case?

The Department of Justice does not represent individuals in legal matters or lawsuits. The Department of Justice represents the U.S. or state government and their employees and agencies.

How does the Office of Justice Programs help local law enforcement?

The Office of Justice Programs gathers and disseminates information on best practice in law enforcement, maintains detailed law enforcement statistics, and provides funding to state and local law enforcement agencies through numerous grant programs.