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Arlington Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/arlingtontx/court/search Search Arlington Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license or vehicle information.

Arlington Police Department http://www.arlington-tx.gov/police View Arlington Police Department general information page, including news releases, job opportunities, crime statistics, social media links and contact information.

Arlington Police Department Crime Reports https://arlingtonpd.org/webapps/publicreport/ Search Arlington Police Department's public reports, search types include case number or name & date of incident.

Arlington Police Department Inmate Search https://www.arlingtonpd.org/apps/Files/JailInmates.aspx View Arlington Police Department inmate list by name, including arrest location and charges.

Arlington Police Department Registered Sex Offenders https://www.arlingtonpd.org/apps/Files/SexOffenderSearch.aspx Search Arlington Police Department sex offender database by name, race, gender, zip code and/or risk level.

Bedford Police Department https://www.bedfordpolice.com/ View Bedford Police Department general information page, including mission statement, upcoming events, social media links, house watch request and contact information.

Bedford Police Department Sex Offender Search https://www.bedfordpolice.com/sex-offenders View Bedford Police Department sex offenders page, including contact information and a link to the list of registered sex offenders.

Benbrook Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/benbrooktx/court/search Search Benbrook Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, or social security number.

City of Arlington Police Department Inmate List http://www.arlingtonpd.org/jail/ View City of Arlington Police Department inmate list, including agencies, charges, warrant numbers, case numbers and bail amounts.

City of Bedford Crime Map http://www.raidsonline.com/ View City of Bedford crime map filtered by address, date range, event, offenders, analytic layers and agency layers.

City of Forest Hill Municipal Courts Active Warrants http://www.foresthilltx.org/city_services/municourt/index.html View Forest Hill Municipal Court's active warrants list, including warrant information, dockets and payment of tickets.

City of Haltom Crime Map https://spotcrime.com/tx/haltom+city Search City of Haltom crime map by date, type of crime and keyword.

City of Mansfield Police Department Inmate Search http://p2c.mansfield-tx.gov/jailinmates.aspx Search City of Mansfield Police Department jail records by inmate name, charges, or arrest date.

City of Mansfield Police Department Most Wanted http://p2c.mansfield-tx.gov/mostwanted.aspx View city of Mansfield's most wanted persons by photo, description and warrant information.

City of Mansfield Police Department Warrants http://p2c.mansfield-tx.gov/wantedlist.aspx View City of Mansfield Police Department warrant list by name, address and type of warrant.

City of Tarrant Sex Offender Search https://www.crimereports.com/home/#!/dashboard Search City of Tarrant crime map by address or location to see incidents in the area.

Colleyville Municipal Court Traffic Citations https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/colleyvilletx/court/search Search Colleyville Municipal Court traffic citations by driver's license number or vehicle.

Crowley Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/crowleytx/court/search Search Crowley Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, or social security number.

Dalworthington Gardens Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/dgtx/court/search Search Dalworthington Gardens Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, vehicle information or name.

Euless Police Department http://www.eulesstx.gov/police/ View Euless Police Department general information page, including mission statement, job opportunities, victim assistance, Facebook link and contact information.

Fort Worth Municipal Court Website http://fortworthtexas.gov/municipalcourt/ View Fort Worth Municipal Court webpage, including a fine schedule, notices, contact information, and divisions.

Fort Worth Police Department Crime Map https://www.fortworthpd.com/crime-information/ View Fort Worth Police Department crime information page, which includes crime map access instructions and contact information.

Forth Worth Most Wanted http://www.fortworthpd.com/docmgmt/Most_Wanted.pdf View list of Fort Worth most wanted by name, photo, DOB, address and offense.

Grapevine Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/grapevinetx/court/search Search Grapevine Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, vehicle information or name.

Haltom City Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/haltomcitytx/court/search Search Haltom City Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license or vehicle information.

Haltom City Police Department http://www.haltomcitytx.com/departments/police-department View Haltom City Police Department general information page, including town meeting agendas, recent news, events, location map and contact information.

Hurst Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/hursttx/court/search Search Hurst Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, vehicle information or name.

Hurst Municipal Court Warrants https://www.municipalrecordsearch.com/hursttx/ Search Hurst Municipal Court Warrants by name or citation number.

Keller Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/kellertx/court/search Search Keller Municipal Court violations record by driver's license or vehicle information.

Kennedale Court Dockets Website http://www.cityofkennedale.com/157/Court-Dockets View Kennedale court docket webpage schedule , including payment information, notifications, and agendas.

Mansfield Police Department Event Reports http://p2c.mansfield-tx.gov/Summary_Disclaimer.aspx Search Mansfield Police Department event reports database by date, name, or address.

Mansfield Police Department Incident Reports http://p2c.mansfield-tx.gov/dailybulletin.aspx Search Mansfield Police Department daily bulletin by event type or bulletin date.

Richland Hills Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/richlandhillstx/court/search Search Richland Hills Municipal Court violations record by citation number, or driver's license.

River Oaks Municipal Court Website http://www.riveroakstx.com/departments/14 View River Oaks Municipal Court webpage, including contact information, office hours, and ticket payment information.

Southlake Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/southlaketx/court/search Search Southlake Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, vehicle information or name.

TCU Police Department Daily Crime and Fire Logs https://police.tcu.edu/crime-information-statistics/daily-crime-fire-log/ View TCU Police Department daily crime and fire log by type of offense, case number and date reported.

Tarrant County Arrest Warrants https://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/justice-of-the-peace-courts/justice-1/misdemeanor-cases/active-warrants.html Search Tarrant County, Texas arrest warrants by name, including mugshots, DOB, warrant number and charges.

Tarrant County Court Records (Texas) https://odyssey.tarrantcounty.com/PublicAccess/default.aspx Search Tarrant County Court case records by court location and case type.

Tarrant County Crime Maps http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/sheriff/operations-bureau/criminal-investigations/interactive-crime-mapping.html View Tarrant County's interactive crime mapping, including calls for service, offenses and sex offenders.

Tarrant County Criminal Court Records https://egov.tarrantcounty.com/web/guest/departments/courts/criminal Search Tarrant County Criminal Courts docket by court, date range, or person.

Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Court Records http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/criminal-district-attorney/chief-of-staff-division/public-information-officer/this-week-s-trials.html View Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney court calendar by court, defendant, charge, prosecutor, investigator, defense, status and verdict.

Tarrant County District Clerk Court Records http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/district-clerk/services/district-clerk-court-document-lookup.html View Tarrant County District Clerk court document records page, including search instructions, address, and business hours.

Tarrant County District Court Records http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/civil-courts/district-courts/dockets.html View Tarrant County District Court dockets by district number, including hearing and trial dockets.

Tarrant County Most Wanted https://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/sheriff/operations-bureau/criminal-investigations/most-wanted.html View Tarrant County, Texas most wanted list by name, address, physical description, charges, photographs, and mugshots.

Tarrant County Sheriff http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/sheriff/operations-bureau/criminal-investigations/most-wanted.html Search Tarrant County Most Wanted Persons by date via a one-page flier.

Tarrant County Sheriff's Department Crime Maps https://gisit.tarrantcounty.com/cmportal/ Search Tarrant County Sheriff's Department's crime map portal by address or date for an overview of crime activity.

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Website http://access.tarrantcounty.com/en/sheriff.html View Tarrant County Sheriff's Office general information page, including contact, address, telephone number, detention bureau, divisions and programs and services.

University of Texas At Arlington Police Logs http://www.uta.edu/police/events/ActivityLog.pdf View University of Texas at Arlington daily crime log, including dates, times, street names, descriptions and dispositions.

Watauga Municipal Court Records https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/wataugatx/court/search Search Watauga Municipal Court violations record by citation number, driver's license, vehicle information or name.

Find Tarrant County Criminal Records

Tarrant County Criminal Records are documents that list an individual's criminal history in Tarrant County, Texas. A criminal record may include an individual's arrests, warrants, criminal charges filed, and convictions and sentences for criminal offenses. These documents, many of which are public records, are kept by the Tarrant County Police Department, Tarrant County Sheriff's Department or Tarrant County Criminal Courts.

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