Trego Lempke Assisted Living in WaKeeney Kansas

Address and phone number for Trego Lempke Assisted Living, an Assisted Living & Nursing Home, at North 14th Street, WaKeeney KS.

Trego Lempke Assisted Living
303 North 14th Street, WaKeeney, Kansas, 67672
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

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About Trego Lempke Assisted Living

Trego Lempke Assisted Living, located in WaKeeney, KS, is a residential facility for older adults who require daily care assistance. The Assisted Living facility provides nursing and elderly care, help with household chores, transportation, and support for daily activities. In addition, the Nursing Home offers short-term rehabilitative services for seniors recovering from hospital stays, with long-term care options for seniors who do not require hospitalization but cannot be cared for at home.

You may contact Assisted Living & Nursing Homes for questions about:
  • Eligibility and enrollment policies
  • WaKeeney nursing home care
  • Cost of assisted living facilities
  • WaKeeney senior living and housing resources
  • Senior healthcare programs
Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors can choose residential housing options like semiprivate or private apartments within the Assisted Living facility. These living spaces are designed for independent WaKeeney seniors who require some support for daily activities. Amenities include household care and maintenance services, including laundry, cleaning, and food service, offered through the Assisted Living facility. The residential housing options promote the safety and comfort of senior residents, often with an emergency call response system.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Trego Lempke Assisted Living sets its own eligibility and enrollment policies, including age limits, policies for couples' housing, and the application process. These policies also specify the cost for different residential options at the WaKeeney facility, including independent residential housing and nursing care facilities. Prospective residents can contact the Assisted Living facility for more information about waitlists, eligibility requirements, and applying to live in the facility.

Senior Nursing Care in WaKeeney

The Nursing Home offers 24-hour nursing care for residents, including emergency first aid, pharmacy services, medical record maintenance services, and medication management. Residents at the WaKeeney Assisted Living facility can access on-site medical checkups from a staff physician or nurse. The nursing care services also provide support for daily activities, such as dressing, transportation, and bathing. Residents can participate in scheduled outings arranged by Trego Lempke Assisted Living staff or request chauffeured transportation for appointments, classes, and errands.

Senior Rehabilitation Programs

Residents at the WaKeeney Assisted Living facility can participate in senior rehabilitation programs, including short-term rehabilitative services for seniors recovering from hospital stays. The facility may also offer memory care services, home healthcare support, or nurse services. Kansas state licenses and regulates Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes in Trego County, ensuring they provide adequate care and services for residents.

WaKeeney Senior Recreation Programs

Trego Lempke Assisted Living offers senior recreation programs and activities designed for residents at the WaKeeney facility. These can include physical fitness classes, such as walking clubs, aerobics classes, and strength training classes. Senior programs also offer cultural and recreational events, such as music and art classes, and educational activities like book clubs, guest lectures, and round-table discussions. The Assisted Living Facility connects residents with other senior programs offered in WaKeeney as well. Contact the Assisted Living facility to learn more about its programs.

Contact Trego Lempke Assisted Living

You may contact Trego Lempke Assisted Living by calling 785-743-5586, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Trego Lempke Assisted Living, 303 North 14th Street, WaKeeney, Kansas, 67672.