Tallapoosa Landfill

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Haralson County Landfill 222 Budapest Cemetery Rd Tallapoosa GA 30176 770-574-5414

About Tallapoosa Landfills

Landfills in Tallapoosa, GA are solid waste disposal facilities that bury trash underneath layers of soil. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and Georgia Environmental Agencies regulate and license Tallapoosa garbage dumps, sanitary landfills, and dump sites. The design, operation, and allowable waste are dictated by Georgia law.

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  • Household trash and yard waste disposal
  • Construction and demolition dump sites
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  • Tallapoosa hazardous waste landfills
Tallapoosa Solid Waste Landfills

Solid Waste Landfills in Tallapoosa commonly receive household garbage, yard waste and commercial waste that is non-hazardous. Due to concerns for groundwater contamination, dangerous landfill gas accumulation, and other detrimental environmental effects, these facilities are closely regulated by the Georgia state government.

Modern Landfills

Modern Solid Waste Landfills in Tallapoosa are designed to protect against ground and groundwater contaminations, while older facilities may be required to implement special leachate collection systems to pump out contaminates. Landfill gas accumulation systems and methane gas burn off systems are implemented as features to reduce environmental impact and ensure public safety.

Tallapoosa Construction & Demolition Dumps

Specialized dumps in Tallapoosa are assigned to accept construction and demolition waste and are usually separate dump sites than municipal facilities.

Ash Landfills & Disposal Facilities

Ash Landfills in Tallapoosa accept the ash that is created as the byproduct of incinerated solid waste. Solid waste incineration is a popular energy production method that serves to produce electricity as well as helping to reduce the visible footprint of solid waste disposal. Tallapoosa ash landfills are generally more lenient about what kinds of waste are permitted for dumping, than other waste disposal facilities.

Tallapoosa Hazardous Waste Landfills

Tallapoosa Hazardous Waste dumps and disposal facilities accept non-liquid hazardous wastes such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and PCB-contaminated materials. Hazardous waste landfills are closely watched for environmental impact and are mandated by Georgia law to implement various protection measures including leachate collection systems, leak detection monitoring, and wind dispersal controls.