Talladega County District Attorney in Talladega Alabama

Address and phone number for Talladega County District Attorney, a District Attorney Office, at PO Box 572, Talladega AL.

Talladega County District Attorney
PO Box 572, Talladega, Alabama, 35161

About the Talladega County District Attorney

The Talladega County District Attorney, located in Talladega, AL, is an agency that prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the Talladega government. The District Attorney heads the Talladega Prosecutor's Office, directing the attorneys who work for the office. In Talladega, the District Attorney plays a central role in criminal cases, working with police to decide whether to bring charges and prosecuting the case in court. The DA's Office also maintains court records that are open to the public.

You may contact the District Attorney for questions about:
  • Talladega criminal records
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions
  • Talladega County Court records
  • Jury selection process in Talladega
  • Victim assistance programs
Talladega Criminal Records

The District Attorney's Office keeps criminal records that are available to the public. These records can include Talladega arrest records, police reports, and court documents. Some criminal records may only be available to family members of the individual.

Talladega Court Records

The Talladega County District Attorney prosecutes criminal cases in Talladega. These criminal cases produce court records, including witness lists, sentencing recommendations, and testimony. While the DA's Office also maintains grand jury proceedings, these are not open to the public. The DA's Office makes other court records available to the public.

Criminal Prosecutions

In Talladega, the Talladega County District Attorney decides whether to bring an offender to trial. The DA has a great deal of latitude to choose not to prosecute or what charges to bring. The DA's Office works with Talladega and Talladega County law enforcement agencies to determine whether the evidence warrants prosecution. The DA also decides whether to offer a plea bargain or probation.

Talladega County Victim Assistance Programs

In Talladega, victim assistance programs help victims of crime. These programs connect the District Attorney's Office with crime victims to ensure the role of victims in a criminal case. Victim advocates help victims understand the criminal justice system, their rights as victims, and community services available to crime victims. Contact the DA's Office for more information about victim assistance programs.

Jury Selections & Sentencing

The District Attorney plays a role in jury selection and sentencing. Working with the Talladega County Public Defender's Office or opposing counsel, the DA selects a jury. During a trial, the DA then makes opening statements, presents the state's case, and cross examines witnesses. After a conviction, the Talladega County District Attorney makes a recommendation for sentencing. In the case of acquittal, the DA decides whether to appeal the case to an AL appeals court or refile the case. The District Attorney also decides whether to refile or dismiss the case if a trial ends in a deadlocked jury.

Contact the Talladega County District Attorney

You may contact the Talladega County District Attorney by calling 256-362-2036, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Talladega County District Attorney, PO Box 572, Talladega, Alabama, 35161.

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