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Perform a free Sunnyvale CA public voter records search, including voter registration checks, requirements, eligibility, voting districts, precincts and poll locations, registered parties, and absentee ballots.

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About Voter Records Search

Do Voting Records include information on how an individual voted?

No. The contents of the voter's ballot is always secret. The government keeps no records on an individual's private votes. But other voting-related information, including whether an individual voted in a particular election, is considered public record. In most cases, voters may not opt out of sharing this information.

Is there a fee for requesting Voter Records?

Yes, each state sets a fee for accessing Voter Records. The fee may vary by the type of data and the number of names requested. The fees range from $15 for Voter Records in a county election to as much as $2,000 for records covering a legislative district.

What are the requirements to register to vote?

You can register to vote in U.S. elections if you are a citizen of the United States, meet your state's residency requirements, and you will be at least 18 years old on Election Day. Each state maintains voter registration deadlines that must be met to participate in an election.