Horry County Health Department

Find Horry County South Carolina health departments, DOH, and health and human services. Health departments provide information on health insurance, affordable health care, public health, human services, women's healthcare, children and family health services and issues.

Horry County Health Department 927 Shine Avenue Myrtle Beach SC 29577 843-238-4378

Horry County Health Department 1201 Creel Street Conway SC 29527 843-381-8260

Loris Health Department 3811 Walnut Street Loris SC 29569 843-756-4027

Myrtle Beach Health Department 704 21st Avenue North Myrtle Beach SC 29577 843-448-8407

South Carolina State Health Department 1931 Industrial Park Road Conway SC 29526 843-915-8802

About Horry County Health Departments

Horry County Health Departments are responsible for monitoring public health risks, coordinating responses to public health risks, and setting and enforcing public health standards in Horry County, SC. Departments of Public Health (DPH) are particularly active in preventing the spread of disease, ensuring a clean water supply, and promoting a healthy environment and healthy behaviors among the public. Health Depts are also a key source of Horry County records.

You may contact the Health Department for questions about:
  • Horry County public health records
  • Vital records searches including birth and death certificates
  • Requesting copies of marriage certificates
  • Horry County restaurant inspection grades
  • Verifying professional licenses
Find Horry County Vital Records

Horry County Health Departments provide a wide variety of public records upon request. These records include birth records for individuals born in Horry County and death records for individuals who have died in Horry County. The Department of Public Health may also provide copies of South Carolina marriage certificates registered in the County.

Enforcing Health Codes

At the state level, SC Public Health Departments set standards and reporting requirements, establish the health code, monitor reportable diseases, develop South Carolina statewide plans for responding to public health emergencies, and coordinate with Horry County Health Departments to protect the health of the public. At the Horry County and local level, Health Depts are responsible for enforcing health codes and regulations, tracking reportable diseases, reporting disease information to South Carolina Health Services, carrying out inspections, and issuing licenses for regulated activities.

Horry County Restaurant Inspections

Health Departments play a role in food safety by inspecting Horry County restaurants and food service establishments and issuing licenses that allow them to operate. Food service businesses are subject to strict health regulation in Horry County. Inspections are conducted on a periodic basis depending on the type of establishment. Inspections may also be triggered by complaints.

Drinking Water Testing

Health Departments in Horry County, SC inspect and test wells and septic systems for contaminants such as bacteria, non-organic chemicals, naturally occurring radioactivity, and naturally occurring compounds. Wells and septic systems must receive a permit from the Horry County Health Department before going into operation.

Disease Surveillance

Health Departments track numerous infectious diseases in order to prevent and contain breakouts with immunization clinics. South Carolina State, Horry County, and local Health Departments establish systems with health care providers, schools, and other institutions to rapidly identify and communicate instances of reportable infectious diseases.

Horry County Public Health

Health Departments also educate the public regarding a wide range of Horry County health concerns, including food borne illnesses, mosquito borne illnesses, immunization, and healthy behaviors. Many Departments of Health Services offer clinical services, such as flu shot clinics, blood pressure screenings, and health consultations.