Saxton Borough City Council in Saxton Pennsylvania

Address and phone number for Saxton Borough City Council, a City Council, at 9th Street, Saxton PA.

Saxton Borough City Council
707 9th Street, Saxton, Pennsylvania, 16678

About the Saxton Borough City Council

The Saxton Borough City Council, located in Saxton, PA, is the legislative body for the city government in Saxton. The City Council sets policy for the city government, adopts capital budgets, and sets Saxton tax rates. It also authorizes borrowing, adopts ordinances and resolutions, and approves contracts. In Saxton, the City Council has substantial authority over regulating land use, public health and safety, and business activity. The City Council also oversees city government staff and operations.

You may contact the City Council for questions about:
  • Saxton City Council meetings and minutes
  • Representatives and elected officials
  • Saxton City Council calendar and agenda
  • City Council membership and districts in Saxton
  • Council committees and legislative bodies
City Council Responsibilities

An elected body, the Saxton City Council represents Saxton residents by acting as the legislative branch of the Saxton government and making policy for Saxton. The City Council follows the Saxton city charter, which designates responsibilities such as overseeing the city budget and adopting policies for the city. Contact the City Council for information about the responsibilities of the City Council.

City Council Elections

The Saxton City Council is an elected body, and council members serve set terms with regular elections. In Pennsylvania state, City Council elections occur on a regular schedule with other local, state, and federal elections. Contact the City Council for more information about elections.

Saxton City Council Meetings

The Saxton City Council holds regular meetings to discuss City Council business. City Council meetings are open to the public on a regular schedule. Under Pennsylvania statutes, the City Council publicizes its meeting schedule and the agenda for its meetings. Following a City Council meeting, the meeting minutes will be published and made available to the public. Contact the Saxton Borough City Council for information about upcoming City Council meetings or meeting minutes from prior meetings.

Addressing the Saxton City Council

The general public can address the City Council during a City Council meeting. Regular City Council meetings provide opportunities for public comment. Similarly, when considering certain actions, Pennsylvania statutes require public comment during a public hearing. In addition to full City Council meetings, committee meetings also conduct preliminary reviews and consider City Council business. These committee meetings may be open to the public.

Contact the Saxton Borough City Council

You may contact the Saxton Borough City Council by calling 814-635-2363, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Saxton Borough City Council, 707 9th Street, Saxton, Pennsylvania, 16678.

Map of Saxton Borough City Council in Saxton Pennsylvania

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