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Find Samantha Alabama courts and courthouses, such as federal, state, district, superior, criminal, common, circuit, judicial, judiciary, divorce, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts. Courts provide information on legal cases, law documents, case searches, and appeals.

Northport Municipal Court 3500 McFarland Boulevard Northport AL 35476 12.6 miles from Samantha 205-339-7000

Tuscaloosa Municipal Court 2122 6th Street Tuscaloosa AL 35401 14.9 miles from Samantha

Tuscaloosa County District Court 714 Greensboro Avenue Tuscaloosa AL 35401 15.0 miles from Samantha 205-349-3870

Berry Courthouse 30 School Avenue Berry AL 35546 16.5 miles from Samantha 205-689-4562

Gordo Courthouse 697 4th Avenue Northwest Gordo AL 35466 18.8 miles from Samantha 205-364-1021

Brookwood Municipal Court 15689 Highway 216 Brookwood AL 35444 19.6 miles from Samantha 205-556-1300

Fayette County District Court 113 Temple Avenue North Fayette AL 35555 22.3 miles from Samantha 205-932-4617

Fayette Courthouse 203 Temple Avenue North Fayette AL 35555 22.4 miles from Samantha 205-932-2086

Reform Courthouse 104 3rd Avenue Northeast Reform AL 35481 23.7 miles from Samantha 205-375-6363

Oakman Courthouse 8240 Market Street Oakman AL 35579 24.1 miles from Samantha 205-622-3939

Vance Municipal Court 18336 Route 11 Vance AL 35490 27.4 miles from Samantha 205-553-8278

Lake View Municipal Court 21289 Phyllis Drive Lake View AL 35111 29.2 miles from Samantha 205-477-1999

Woodstock Courthouse 28513 Highway 5 Woodstock AL 35188 29.3 miles from Samantha 205-938-9790

Carrollton Courthouse One Hundred Court Square Carrollton AL 35447 30.4 miles from Samantha 205-367-8711

Pickens County District Court One Courthouse Square Carrollton AL 35447 30.4 miles from Samantha 205-367-2050

Carbon Hill Courthouse 318 Southwest 2nd Street Carbon Hill AL 35549 32.4 miles from Samantha 205-924-9961

Cordova Courthouse 74 Main Street Cordova AL 35550 33.7 miles from Samantha 205-483-9266

Jasper Courthouse 400 19th Street West Jasper AL 35501 34.0 miles from Samantha 205-221-4254

Walker County District Court 1801 3rd Avenue Jasper AL 35501 34.0 miles from Samantha 205-384-7268

Hueytown Municipal Court 1318 Hueytown Road Hueytown AL 35023 35.3 miles from Samantha 205-491-5728

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How do I file a small claims suit?

The process and rules for filing a small claims suit vary from state to state with regard to the dollar limit for small claims, the statute of limitations for filing a claim, and whether you are allowed to be represented by a lawyer. Contact the court that handles small claims in your state for details on the process for filing a claim and to obtain the proper forms.

Are there fees for filing a small claims suit?

Filing fees are generally between $30 and $100. In addition to filing fees, other costs may include service fees for serving the complaint to the defendant and collection fees if the court assists in collecting the judgment.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to going before a judge in a suit. Many small claims courts sponsor or make referrals to mediation programs where the plaintiff and defendant meet with a neutral third person to help resolve the dispute without going to court.