Roswell Environment & Recreation Offices

Find Roswell New Mexico Environment & Recreation Offices, including addresses, hours, and phone numbers.

Roswell Campground

Find Roswell New Mexico campgrounds.

Bottomless Lakes State Park Campground 545 Bottomless Lakes Road Roswell NM 88203 888-667-2757

Roswell Trailer Village Campground 1706 East 2nd Street Roswell NM 88201 575-623-6040

Roswell Golf Course

Find Roswell New Mexico golf courses.

New Mexico Military Institute Golf Course 201 West 19th Street Roswell NM 88201 575-622-6033

Roswell Country Club 2601 Urton Road Roswell NM 88201 505-622-2050

Roswell Country Club 2601 Urton Road Roswell NM 88201 575-622-3410

Spring River Golf Course 1612 West 8th Street Roswell NM 88201 575-622-9506

Roswell Historical Society

Find Roswell New Mexico historical societies.

Southeast New Mexico Historical Society 200 North Lea Avenue Roswell NM 88201 575-622-8333

Roswell Library

Find Roswell New Mexico libraries, such as state, town, city, public, private, college and university library branches.

Roswell Public Library 301 North Pennsylvania Avenue Roswell NM 88201 575-622-7101

Wilson Cobb History Library 301 South Richardson Avenue Roswell NM 88203 575-622-3322

Roswell Museum

Find Roswell New Mexico museums, such as art museums and galleries, childrens museums, natural history museums, science centers and discovery museums.

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art 409 East College Boulevard Roswell NM 88201 575-623-5600

General Douglas L McBride Military Museum 101 West College Boulevard Roswell NM 88201 505-622-6250

International UFO Museum And Research Center 114 North Main Street Roswell NM 88203 575-625-9495

Roswell Museum and Art Center 100 West 11th Street Roswell NM 88201 575-624-6744

Lake Arthur Educational Museum 5th Street Lake Arthur NM 88253 27.7 miles from Roswell 505-365-2000

Roswell Parks Department

Find Roswell New Mexico parks departments, including city and state park authorities, and systems.

Roswell Parks and Recreation 1101 W 4th St Roswell NM 88201 575-624-6721

Roswell RV Park

Find Roswell New Mexico RV parks.

Roswell Red Barn RV Park 2806 East 2nd Street Roswell NM 88201 575-623-4897

Roswell Town & Country RV Park 331 West Brasher Road Roswell NM 88203 575-624-1833

Roswell Trailer Village RV Park 1706 East 2nd Street Roswell NM 88201 575-623-6040

Spring River Estates & RV Park 950 East College Boulevard Roswell NM 88201 575-623-8034

Dexter Midway RV Park 18 Yakima Road Dexter NM 88230 6.1 miles from Roswell 575-622-0531

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