Rock County Marriage License in Luverne Minnesota

Address and phone number for Rock County Marriage License, a Marriage License Office, at Rock County Land Records, 204 East Brown Street, Luverne MN.

Rock County Marriage License
Rock County Land Records, 204 East Brown Street, Luverne, Minnesota, 56156

About the Rock County Marriage License

The Rock County Marriage License, located in Luverne, MN, processes marriage license applications and issues marriage licenses. The Marriage License Office also records marriage certificates in Luverne and maintains marriage records. Many of these marriage records are available to the public.

You may contact the Marriage License Office for questions about:
  • Finding Luverne marriage records online
  • Applying for a marriage license
  • Marriage license requirements in Minnesota state
  • Luverne marriage license fees
  • Finding marriage records
  • Getting copies of marriage licenses and certificates
Luverne Marriage License Applications

The Rock County Marriage License accepts applications for marriage licenses. After a couple submits an application for a marriage license, the Luverne Marriage License Bureau will verify that both individuals meet the marriage license requirements in Minnesota state. This includes verifying identification and determining whether both members meet the minimum age requirements. The Marriage License Office then issues a valid marriage license, which authorizes the couple to marry in Minnesota.

Marriage License Requirements

Each state sets its own marriage license requirements. In Minnesota, couples provide information about their identity, age, and the planned date and location of the wedding. The Marriage License Office provides information on the requirements, including the minimum age for marriage, parental consent, and requirements for divorced people planning to remarry.

Receiving a Luverne Marriage Certificate

After receiving a marriage license, couples in Luverne can legally marry. Minnesota statutes require the officiant, who must meet Minnesota eligibility requirements to perform marriage ceremonies, and the couple to sign a Luverne marriage certificate. The officiant then submits the marriage certificate to the Luverne Marriage License Office, which records the certificate and provides a certified copy of the marriage certificate to the couple. Minnesota state and Federal agencies often require a valid marriage certificate to legally recognize a marriage.

Luverne Marriage Records

The Marriage License Office maintains marriage records for Luverne, including marriage license applications, marriage certificates, and certified marriage licenses. Luverne marriage record requests typically require the full name of both spouses, information about the date of the wedding, and the place of marriage. Contact the Rock County Marriage License for more information about Luverne marriage records.

Contact the Rock County Marriage License

You may contact the Rock County Marriage License by calling 507-283-5014, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Rock County Marriage License, Rock County Land Records, 204 East Brown Street, Luverne, Minnesota, 56156.

Map of Rock County Marriage License in Luverne Minnesota

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