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Find Redmond Washington Attorney General, AG, OAG, State Attorney, and Solicitor General offices and locations. The office of the Attorney General provides information on state and federal government law enforcement, the department of justice, states attorney generals, marshals, orders and processes related to legal matters involving the United States government.

Washington Attorney General Seattle Office 800 5th Avenue Seattle WA 98104 11.2 miles from Redmond 206-464-7744

Washington Attorney General Everett Office 3501 Colby Avenue Everett WA 98201 20.7 miles from Redmond 425-257-2170

Washington Attorney General Tacoma Office 1250 Pacific Avenue Tacoma WA 98402 33.1 miles from Redmond 253-593-5243

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Can the Attorney General represent a private citizen in a legal matter?

Laws prohibit Attorneys General from representing private citizens. The Bar Association in most states will have a referral service for private citizens in need of an attorney.

Does the Attorney General handle complaints about local law enforcement agencies?

No. Complaints about a county or local law enforcement agency should be directed to the Police Chief, Sheriff, or the Internal Affairs division of that agency. If complaints go unresolved, they can be directed to the elected legislators or mayor in the case of a city or town, or to the county commissioners in a county.

Can the Attorney General's Office help me with questions about child support?

In many states, the Attorney General's Office represents the state agency for child support enforcement in certain proceedings. These states typically have a toll free number to call or website to visit for information on how to obtain help with child support issues.