Health Departments in Puerto Rico

There are 1 Health Departments in Puerto Rico, serving a population of 3,468,963 people in an area of 3,423 square miles. There is 1 Health Department per 3,468,963 people, and 1 Health Department per 3,422 square miles.

The state of Puerto Rico is ranked 55th in Health Departments per capita, and 52nd in Health Departments per square mile.

List of PR Health Departments

Find Puerto Rico health departments, DOH, and health and human services.

Departamento De Salud Calle Maga, Edificio E Altos, Area Centro Medico San Juan, PR

Puerto Rico Health Statistics

Find Puerto Rico Population of People With Disabilities, Population by Disability Type, Public Health Insurance Coverage, and Private Health Insurance Coverage. Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2018 ACS 5-Year Estimates.

Puerto Rico Population of People With Disabilities
 Puerto RicoUnited States
People With Disabilities734,789 (21.3%)40,071,666 (12.6%)
Females With Disabilities389,055 (21.5%)20,697,026 (12.7%)
Males With Disabilities345,734 (21.2%)19,374,640 (12.5%)
Puerto Rico Population by Disability Type
 Puerto RicoUnited States
Hearing Difficulty149,459 (4.3%)11,353,583 (3.6%)
Vision Difficulty214,243 (6.2%)7,448,320 (2.3%)
Cognitive Difficulty329,183 (10.1%)15,101,598 (5.1%)
Ambulatory Difficulty402,927 (12.3%)20,770,244 (7.0%)
Self-Care Difficulty166,287 (5.1%)7,928,915 (2.7%)
Independent Living Difficulty326,832 (12.1%)14,142,412 (5.8%)
Puerto Rico Public Health Insurance Coverage
 Puerto RicoUnited States
Public Health Insurance2,113,416 (61.4%)110,186,951 (34.7%)
Medicare Coverage774,493 (22.5%)53,882,811 (16.9%)
Medicaid Coverage1,656,388 (48.1%)63,906,660 (20.1%)
VA Health Care Coverage51,919 (1.5%)7,213,163 (2.3%)
Puerto Rico Private Health Insurance Coverage
 Puerto RicoUnited States
Private Health Insurance1,343,808 (39.0%)215,327,263 (67.7%)
Employer Based Coverage948,643 (27.6%)174,943,848 (55.0%)
Direct-Purchase Coverage403,773 (11.7%)43,148,566 (13.6%)
Tricare & Military Coverage30,044 (0.9%)8,572,800 (2.7%)