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Puerto Rico State Court Records Court Records Find Puerto Rico court records by date, time, case number, and parties. Search Records

Find Puerto Rico Court Records

Puerto Rico Court Records contain publicly available documents, files, transcripts, dockets, and court case information from courts in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Courts keep records on all legal processes including documents from appeals. Court Records are available from the Puerto Rico Court that produced the records.

Find Puerto Rico Court Records, including:
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  • Court filings, dockets, and case files
  • Puerto Rico Court case records
  • Criminal records and sentencing
  • Trial and appeal sentencing and rulings
Find Court Records in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Court Records include case files and documents, case numbers, summonses, warrants, subpoenas, indictments, and juror lists. Trial transcripts, witness lists, witness testimonies, rulings, and sentencing information are also contained in Puerto Rico Court Records.

Where to find Puerto Rico Court Records

Courts at all levels in Puerto Rico provide and maintain public Court Records. Criminal Courts in Puerto Rico maintain records related to misdemeanors and felonies, including murders, assaults, sex crimes, and crimes against property. Civil Courts in Puerto Rico maintain records related to probate cases, property and estate disputes, divorce certificates and decrees, bankruptcy and insolvency hearings, and adoptions. These records are available for access from the Puerto Rico Clerk, Circuit and District Courts, the Puerto Rico State Supreme Court, and other lower Courts.

Public Court Records

Civil and Criminal Courts in Puerto Rico provide public access to Court Records. Information related to Puerto Rico criminal convictions, compensation and damages, evictions, Puerto Rico driving and traffic violations are available as public records. Public Court Records detail information on plaintiffs and defendants, attorneys and lawyers, and presiding Puerto Rico judges. Arrest records, arrest warrants, search warrants, appeals, judgments, sentencing and settlements can be obtained through Puerto Rico Court Records searches. Puerto Rico Civil Courts provide information related to lawsuits, civil violations and legal actions that are of a non-criminal nature.

Puerto Rico Background Checks

Background checks for individuals in Puerto Rico will detail any existing court records. Puerto Rico employers and landlords use background checks and Puerto Rico Court Records to screen individuals for Puerto Rico criminal history, arrests, charges, convictions and sentencing as part of employment and tenancy screening.