05046 Power Plant

Find 05046 power plants. Power plants provide information on electric utilities and energy created through solar, wind turbine, biomass, hydroelectric and tidal, nuclear, alternative, renewable, natural resources, coal, oil, gas and geothermal power.

Marshfield 6 Power Plant Power Plant Road Marshfield VT 05658 9.7 miles from 05046

Dodge Falls Associates Power Plant Dodge Falls Road Bath NH 03740 10.2 miles from 05046

Boltonville Hydro Power Plant Mill Street Newbury VT 05081 11.6 miles from 05046

West Danville 15 Power Plant Power Plant Road Danville VT 05828 12.5 miles from 05046

East Barnet Power Plant 29 Cannon Lane Barnet VT 05821 12.7 miles from 05046

Comerford Power Plant 3771 New Hampshire 135 Monroe NH 03771 15.0 miles from 05046

Wrightsville Hydro Power Plant 329 Mill Road Montpelier VT 05602 16.6 miles from 05046

Green Mountain Power Plant 5 Power Plant Dog River Road Berlin VT 05602 16.8 miles from 05046

Smith Power Plant 105 South Main Street Bradford VT 05033 17.8 miles from 05046

Williamstown Solar Power Plant 3479 Vermont 64 Williamstown VT 05679 19.0 miles from 05046

S C Moore Power Plant 3561 New Hampshire 18 Littleton NH 03561 20.0 miles from 05046

Great Falls Power Plant Great Falls Drive Lyndon VT 05851 22.4 miles from 05046

Moretown Landfill - Gas To Energy Power Plant 19 Kaiser Drive Moretown VT 05676 23.1 miles from 05046

Morrisville Power Plant 67 B Street Morristown VT 05661 28.4 miles from 05046

Bolton Falls Hydro Power Plant 4120 River Road Duxbury VT 05676 28.8 miles from 05046

Ampersand Gilman Hydro Power Plant 35 Riverside Avenue Lunenburg VT 05904 29.2 miles from 05046

Pinetree Power Power Plant 1241 Whitefield Road Bethlehem NH 03574 29.3 miles from 05046

W K Sanders Power Plant 1740 Green River Dam Road Hyde Park VT 05655 30.3 miles from 05046

Sheffield Wind Power Plant 1390 New Duck Pond Road Sheffield VT 05866 32.5 miles from 05046

Dg Whitefield Power Generation Facility 206 Airport Road Whitefield NH 03598 36.1 miles from 05046

About Power Plants

How do Power Plants set their rates?

Power Plants are highly regulated, given the importance of making electricity widely accessible and affordable. Power Plants must obtain approval for their rates from a state utility regulatory agency. Regulators conduct complex analyses of the cost of operations and other financial considerations of Power Plants when reviewing rate requests.

Who is responsible for the oversight of Public Power Authorities or Power Districts?

Public Power Authorities and Districts have their own Board of Directors or Commissioners who are responsible for the policy and operations of the Power Plant. Publicly owned Power Plants are usually subject to the same regulations as private companies that own Power Plants.

What is an electrical grid?

An electrical grid is an extensive network of power lines, substations, transformers, and related equipment that handles the transmission and distribution of electricity from a Power Plant to all residential, commercial, and industrial customers.