Pickensville Utilities

Find Pickensville Alabama utilities. Utilities provide information on public services including electricity (power and light companies), oil and gas (home heating and cooking), waste and sewage companies.

Aliceville Water Department 311 3rd Avenue Northwest Aliceville AL 35442 10.6 miles from Pickensville 205-373-2365

Alabama Power Company 305 3rd Avenue Northwest Aliceville AL 35442 10.6 miles from Pickensville 800-245-2244

Pickens County Natural Gas Mobile Road Aliceville AL 35442 10.6 miles from Pickensville 205-373-2889

Pickens County Water Warehouse 245 Phoenix Avenue Carrollton AL 35447 11.4 miles from Pickensville 205-367-2132

Pickens County Water Authority 90 Phoenix Avenue Carrollton AL 35447 11.4 miles from Pickensville 205-367-8923

Four County Electric Power Association 1338 Magnolia Drive Macon MS 39341 16.5 miles from Pickensville 662-726-5811

South Lowndes Water Association 2109 O'Leary Lane Columbus MS 39702 18.6 miles from Pickensville 662-329-3929

Alabama Power 110 4th Avenue Northeast Reform AL 35481 18.9 miles from Pickensville 205-375-4202

Columbus Light & Water Department 420 4th Avenue South Columbus MS 39701 19.4 miles from Pickensville 662-328-7192

South Lowndes Water Association 6344 Hardy Billups Road Columbus MS 39701 19.7 miles from Pickensville 662-272-5750

Wilco Sewer Utility 1526 Gardner Boulevard Columbus MS 39702 20.0 miles from Pickensville 662-245-0052

Prairie Land Water Association 150 Artesia Road Columbus MS 39701 20.0 miles from Pickensville 662-245-1150

Prairie Land Water Association 150 Artesia Road Columbus MS 39701 20.0 miles from Pickensville 662-245-1150

Prairie Land Water Association 150 Artesia Road Columbus MS 39701 20.0 miles from Pickensville 662-245-1150

Four County Electric Power Association 5265 South Frontage Road Columbus MS 39701 25.6 miles from Pickensville 662-327-8900

Millport Water Plant 324 Margaret Street Millport AL 35576 25.6 miles from Pickensville 205-662-4625

Buhl Elrod Holman Water Authority 35446 Sipsey Valley Road Buhl AL 35446 30.5 miles from Pickensville 205-333-0231

Caledonia Natural Gas District 1200 Main Street Caledonia MS 39740 30.6 miles from Pickensville 662-356-4250

Clayton Village Water Association Inc 13448 Mississippi 182 Starkville MS 39759 30.7 miles from Pickensville 662-324-8260

Caledonia Sewerage Department 202 South Street Caledonia MS 39740 30.9 miles from Pickensville 662-356-6993

About Pickensville Utilities

Pickensville Utilities are business enterprises that provide essential public services including electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer services in Pickensville, AL. Because of the infrastructure required to deliver services, a monopoly is often the most economical way for a utility service to operate. Pickensville Public Utility Companies serve all of the customers for a particular service in Pickensville.

You may contact Utilities for questions about:
  • Pickensville Utilities billing and payments
  • Sewer rates and water bills
  • Setting up Utilities
  • Power outages
  • Natural gas hookups
Public & Private Utility Companies

Utilities in Pickensville, Alabama may be publicly owned enterprises or private companies. In both cases, the primary source of revenue supporting the Utility is user fees paid by customers. In the case of publicly owned Utilities, the assets of the Utility are owned by the Pickensville Government Utilities Department, but it operates as a self-sustaining public enterprise supported by its own revenues rather than relying on taxes to fund operations.

Public Utilities Commissions in Pickensville, Alabama

In Alabama, Utilities are regulated by the Public Services Commissions or Public Utilities Commission. Public Services Commissions are necessary when monopolies exist or in cases where competition is very limited, to ensure that Pickensville consumers receive safe, reliable, and reasonably priced services from competent and financially viable companies. Pickensville Utilities must receive approval for the rates they charge and they are also required to demonstrate to the Pickensville Public Services Commission that they have plans to maintain an infrastructure capable of supporting current and future demand for services.

Electric Utilities

Pickensville Electric Utilities are the most likely to function as a hybrid of monopoly and competitive services. Only one system for transmitting and delivering electricity to customers is feasible in a given service area such as, AL. Therefore, transmission and distribution of electricity operates as a monopoly and customers do not have a choice when selecting their Pickensville electric power company. However, the electricity in the Pickensville electric grid may come from numerous suppliers.

Water Utilities

Water Utility Services in Pickensville provide potable tap water directly to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers through a distribution system.

Sewer Utilities

Pickensville Sewer Service Companies receive wastewater from customers via sanitary sewers at a wastewater treatment plant. The Sewer Utility treats the wastewater to reduce pollutants before it is released into waterways.

Natural Gas Utilities

Pickensville Natural Gas Companies are essentially local distribution companies that deliver natural gas, received from large capacity interstate or intrastate pipelines, to individual customers through small diameter distribution pipelines.