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Find passport offices or passport agencies. Passport offices provide information on individual passport applications, forms, applications, renewals, expedited service, and replacing lost or stolen passports.

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What is a Passport Office?

A Passport Office is a location that accepts passport applications, and in some cases Passport Offices process applications and issue passports. The issuance of passports is overseen by the Office of Passport Services within the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs. The agency uses a vast network of Passport Offices to handle passport applications. Depending on the type of passport application, applicants may be able to submit their application by mail or use a Passport Acceptance Center, while others may be required to use a Passport Agency or Passport Center.

Passport Acceptance Facilities are equipped to accept routine passport applications. Routine applications are typically processed within a one to two-month turnaround time. Most U.S. Post Offices serve as Passport Acceptance Facilities. Public libraries, City or Town Clerk Offices, and many courthouses may also serve as Passport Acceptance Facilities. Some Passport Acceptance Facilities provide service by appointment only, and many offer passport photo services, though others do not. There are currently more than 7,200 Passport Acceptance Facilities throughout the country.

Expedited or emergency passport applications must be made in person at a Passport Agency or Passport Center. Emergency applications are for life or death emergencies involving a family member. These applications are usually processed within three days. Expedited passport applications are for situations in which the routine application turnaround time will not meet the applicant's travel schedule. Expedited passport applications require proof of immediate travel and are also subject to an additional fee. Passport Agencies require applicants to make an appointment. There are 25 Passport Agencies and Passport Centers in the U.S.

The standard form required for a passport application is form DS-11, U.S. Passport Application. Form DS-11 can be downloaded and filled out in advance of your visit to a Passport Acceptance Facility. However, applicants should not sign the DS-11 before arriving at the Passport Acceptance Facility. Applicants also need to bring evidence of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, as well as a photocopy of a government issued identification card, a passport photo, and a way to pay for the passport fees. Once it has been issued, the passport will be mailed to the applicant.