Parrott Fire Department

Find Parrott Virginia fire departments, city fire stations, firefighters, brigades, chiefs, inspectors, marshals, and local volunteers. Fire departments provide information on fire risk assessment, permits, fire alarms, and safety guidance.

Twin Community Volunteer Fire Department PO Box 7 Parrott VA 24132 540-731-9423

Longshop-Mccoy Fire And Rescue 5770 McCoy Road Blacksburg VA 24060 3.0 miles from Parrott 540-639-0836

Eggleston Volunteer Fire Department 235 Firehouse Road Eggleston VA 24086 5.1 miles from Parrott 540-626-3447

Fair Lawn Volunteer Fire Department 7358 Peppers Ferry Boulevard Radford VA 24141 5.2 miles from Parrott 540-639-0880

Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department PO Box 218 Pembroke VA 24136 7.5 miles from Parrott 540-626-7693

Radford Fire Department 1500 Wadsworth St Radford VA 24141 7.6 miles from Parrott 540-731-3617

Dublin Fire Department 105 Trinkle Avenue Dublin VA 24084 8.1 miles from Parrott 540-674-6890

Ethan Allen 4825 Cleburne Boulevard Dublin VA 24084 9.1 miles from Parrott 540-674-4111

Simmonsville Volunteer Fire Department 5783 Cumberland Gap Rd Newport VA 24128 9.3 miles from Parrott 540-544-7769

Pearisburg Fire Department 720 Mountain Lake Avenue Pearisburg VA 24134 9.7 miles from Parrott 540-921-1377

Blacksburg Fire Department 2700 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg VA 24060 9.7 miles from Parrott 540-961-1175

Newbern Volunteer Fire Department Wilderness Rd Newbern VA 24126 10.2 miles from Parrott 540-674-8693

Volvo Trucks North America Fire Department 4881 Cougar Trail Road Dublin VA 24084 10.3 miles from Parrott 540-674-7383

Newport Volunteer Fire Department 716 Blue Grass Trail Newport VA 24128 10.4 miles from Parrott

Tmd Friction Incipient Fire Brigade 3994 Pepperell Way Dublin VA 24084 10.9 miles from Parrott 540-674-3941

Celco Emergency Brigade 3520 Virginia Avenue Narrows VA 24124 11.9 miles from Parrott 540-921-1111

Narrows Fire Department 133 Center Street Narrows VA 24124 12.7 miles from Parrott 540-726-3190

Christiansburg Fire Department 110 Depot Street Northwest Christiansburg VA 24073 13.3 miles from Parrott 540-382-4388

Poplar Hill Volunteer Fire Department 1800 Flat Hollow Road Pearisburg VA 24134 13.5 miles from Parrott 540-921-0310

Pulaski Fire Department 117 Jefferson Avenue North Pulaski VA 24301 14.2 miles from Parrott 540-994-8662

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About Fire Departments

Why does the Fire Department block lanes of traffic at an auto accident?

The Fire Department will often block one or more lanes at the scene of an auto accident to provide room for the fire personnel to respond to the emergency. The extra space helps to keep the fire personnel safe from other traffic hazards.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

You should evacuate your family and pets from the house. Call 911 from a safe location or a neighbor's house. Do not call 911 from inside your house. The use of a phone inside your home could ignite the gas.

What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me?

You should safely pull to the right side of the road. If you are unable to pull to the side, stop your vehicle and do not move until the emergency vehicle has passed you.