Northampton County Fire Department

Find Northampton County Pennsylvania fire departments, city fire stations, firefighters, brigades, chiefs, inspectors, marshals, and local volunteers. Fire departments provide information on fire risk assessment, permits, fire alarms, and safety guidance.

Allen Township Fire Department 3530 Howertown Road Northampton PA 18067 610-262-1101

Bangor Fire Department 197 Pennsylvania Avenue Bangor PA 18013 610-588-2216

Bethlehem Fire Department 10 East Church Street Bethlehem PA 18018 610-865-7140

Bethlehem Township Fire Department 1919 8th Street Bethlehem PA 18020 610-694-0062

Columbia Fire Co 164 Garibaldi Avenue Roseto PA 18013 610-588-0597

Dewey Fire Company 1 502 Durham Street Hellertown PA 18055 610-838-0161

Diamond Fire Co 209 Washington Street Walnutport PA 18088 610-767-9629

East Allen Township Fire Department 5354 Nor Bath Boulevard Northampton PA 18067 610-262-6700

East Bangor Fire Department 30 East Central Avenue Bangor PA 18013 610-588-5775

Easton Fire Department 11 North Sixth Street Easton PA 18042 610-250-6673

Forks Township Fire Department 1606 Sullivan Trail Easton PA 18040 610-252-0785

Hanover Twp Volunteer Fire Co 100 Stoke Park Road Bethlehem PA 18017 610-867-2103

Hecktown Volunteer Fire Company 1 230 Nazareth Pike Bethlehem PA 18020 610-759-2112

Lehigh Township Fire Department 4188 Lehigh Drive Northampton PA 18067 610-767-9339

Leithsville Volunteer Fire Company 1 1995 Leithsville Road Hellertown PA 18055 610-838-0062

Lookout Fire Company 1 44 West Bell Avenue Pen Argyl PA 18072 610-863-4121

Lower Mt. Beth - Sandt's Eddy Fire Department 6426 North Delaware Drive Bangor PA 18013 610-253-7363

Nancy Run Fire Co 3564 Easton Avenue Bethlehem PA 18020 610-861-0234

Northampton Fire Department 4 Lerchenmiller Drive Northampton PA 18067 610-317-0808

Palmer Municipal Fire Department 3 Weller Pl Palmer Heights PA 18045 610-559-9809

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About Fire Departments

Why does the Fire Department block lanes of traffic at an auto accident?

The Fire Department will often block one or more lanes at the scene of an auto accident to provide room for the fire personnel to respond to the emergency. The extra space helps to keep the fire personnel safe from other traffic hazards.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

You should evacuate your family and pets from the house. Call 911 from a safe location or a neighbor's house. Do not call 911 from inside your house. The use of a phone inside your home could ignite the gas.

What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me?

You should safely pull to the right side of the road. If you are unable to pull to the side, stop your vehicle and do not move until the emergency vehicle has passed you.