Mercer County Auditor Office

Find Mercer County Pennsylvania auditor offices. Auditors provide information on government auditing standards, internal audits, financials, budgets, debt, spending, accounting, operations, compliance and performance.

Carlton Auditor 94 Jacobs Rd Carlton PA 16311 814-425-1499

Deer Creek Township Auditor 620 Georgetown Road Hadley PA 16130 724-253-2361

Delaware Township Auditor 20 Shipton Ln Fredonia PA 16124 724-475-4480

Fairview Township Auditor 288 Coolspring Road Mercer PA 16137 724-475-2817

Fairview Township Auditor 1554 Perry Highway Fredonia PA 16124 724-475-4960

Lake Township Auditor 106 Gander Lane Stoneboro PA 16153 724-376-3887

Millcreek Township Auditor 726 Klein Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 724-376-3960

New Vernon Township Auditor 547 Carpenter Road Stoneboro PA 16153 724-253-2359

Perry County Auditor 851 Fredonia Road Hadley PA 16130 724-253-4507

Salem Township Auditor 390 Osborn Road Greenville PA 16125 724-253-2566

Sandy Lake Auditor 32 North Reeds Furnace Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 724-376-3434

Sandy Lake Township Auditor 139 Cole Road Sandy Lake PA 16145 724-376-4135

Sandy Lake Township Auditor 310 Parker Road Stoneboro PA 16153 724-376-2584

About the Mercer County Auditor

The Mercer County Auditor performs an oversight role that ensures the transparency and accountability of government agencies and operations in Mercer County, PA. The Mercer County Auditor's Office is responsible for providing objective evaluations of the performance of government agencies, the integrity of the government's financial operations, and the compliance of government agencies with laws, rules, and regulations. The Auditor also helps Mercer County government agencies accomplish their objectives by identifying opportunities for improving operations. At times, Auditors may also uncover corrupt or fraudulent activities.

You may contact the Auditor's Office for questions about:
  • Mercer County government audit reports
  • Local government office financial operations
  • Government auditing standards in Mercer County, Pennsylvania
  • Mercer County government financial statements
  • Financial investigations and fraud
Auditing Process
  • Developing the scope of the audit and defining the criteria for evaluating Mercer County government offices and programs
  • Conducting background research and gaining an understanding of the government office or program being audited.
  • Conducting fieldwork to gather detailed information and evidence.
  • Preparing preliminary findings and possibly distributing findings to the audited agency to allow for their response.
  • Preparing the Mercer County audit report which includes the findings of the audit and recommendations for improvement or corrective action.
Mercer County Government Office Audits

The unique role of the Mercer County Auditor requires that they be granted the authority needed to carry out investigations and other audit activities. This authority typically comes from Mercer County legislation that ensures the Auditor has full access to government agencies and their records, and provides safeguards against interference from agencies being audited. Auditors in Mercer County, Pennsylvania often operate outside of traditional management structures, and report to an audit committee or other oversight authority. This further protects against interference in the Mercer County Audits.

Government Contract Audits

In addition to internally focused activities, an Auditor audits Mercer County government grants and contracts awarded to private sector entities. These externally focused reviews provide oversight and transparency for the distribution of grant funds and contract payments.

Mercer County External Audits

The Mercer County Auditor conducts audits of some aspect of a government agency or program. For example, an outside accounting firm, or certified public accountant (CPA), almost always conducts the annual financial audit. The purpose of the annual financial audit is to confirm that the Mercer County government's annual financial statements accurately represent its financial position. The annual financial audit may also uncover problems or deficiencies in the entity's financial policies and procedures.