Lackawanna County Hospital

Find Lackawanna County Pennsylvania hospitals, children's and pediatric centers, patient care & medical facilities, urgent care, emergency room, ambulance, and EMS emergency services. Hospitals provide information on patients, healthcare, medical procedures, doctor visits, and medical insurance.

Allied Services Rehabilitation Hospital 475 Morgan Highway Scranton PA 18508 570-348-1359

Geisinger Community Medical Center 1800 Mulberry Street Scranton PA 18510 570-703-8000

Mercy Hospital Scranton 746 Jefferson Avenue Scranton PA 18510 570-348-7238

Mid Valley Hospital 1400 Main Street Blakely PA 18452 570-383-5500

Moses Taylor Hospital 700 Quincy Avenue Scranton PA 18510 570-770-5000

Regional Hospital of Scranton 746 Jefferson Avenue Scranton PA 18510 570-348-7100

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Do Hospital emergency rooms require proof of insurance?

The Emergency Treatment and Labor Act gives individuals the right to emergency care regardless of their ability to pay. Nevertheless, Hospital staff will ask for insurance information, if possible, upon a patient's arrival. Hospitals are not obligated to treat uninsured patients that are not experiencing an emergency.

Are patients entitled to copies of their Hospital records?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act entitles all patients to have access to their medical records. Most Hospitals will require an authorization form and picture identification before releasing medical records. In rare cases, a Hospital may withhold certain information, such as psychotherapy notes.

How do Hospitals determine how much to bill for services?

Hospitals develop a list of charges for each of the Hospital's procedures and supplies. The list, referred to as the Chargemaster, covers thousands of items and forms the basis for billing patients and third party payers.