Klamath County Salvation Army

Find Klamath County Oregon Salvation Army stores. Salvation Army provides information on charitable donations, thrift stores, community service programs, employment services, housing assistance, and disaster relief.

Salvation Army Klamath Falls 4243 Winter Avenue Klamath Falls OR 97603 541-882-5280

Salvation Army Klamath Falls 316 South 6th Street Klamath Falls OR 97601 541-884-7778

Salvation Army Klamath Falls 1803 Main Street Klamath Falls OR 97601 541-884-7778

Salvation Army Klamath Falls 2960 Maywood Drive Klamath Falls OR 97603 541-882-5280

About Klamath County Salvation Army Centers

The Klamath County Salvation Army is a branch office of the international Christian, non-profit human services organization whose mission is focused on aiding the poor and other people in need in Klamath County, OR. The organization takes an evangelical approach while providing a vast array of human services through both established, permanent programs as well as in response to disasters and other public emergencies.

You may contact the Salvation Army for questions about:
  • Klamath County Salvation Army stores and locations
  • Making donations and volunteering
  • Klamath County substance abuse programs
  • Children and elderly care programs
  • Disaster relief and emergency preparedness
Klamath County Salvation Army Assistance Programs

The Klamath County Salvation Army assists individuals and families in poverty through numerous programs such as providing both short and long-term housing assistance, meal assistance, and employment assistance. The Pathway of Hope program takes an individualized approach to help individuals and families in Klamath County, Oregon struggling with poverty to become self-sufficient. Programs for victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse provide immediate assistance, safe harbor, transitional housing, and multiple supportive services that help individuals escape and recover from abusive situations. Resources for combating substance abuse are available through the Klamath County Salvation Army. Individuals may participate in group or individual addiction counseling, work therapy, and life-skills development.

Children's Programs

The Salvation Army offers numerous programs centered on children, including low-cost extracurricular programs featuring the arts, athletics, and club activities in Klamath County. Homework assistance, literacy support, and other education related services are available to school-aged children. The Salvation Army also operates Klamath County daycare centers for low-income families.

Klamath County Elderly Programs

Klamath County Elderly services include elderly housing assistance, classes, and social and recreational activities. Adult daycare centers in Klamath County provide care and activities for seniors that cannot live independently, offering support and flexibility to their caregivers.

Disaster Relief Programs

The Salvation Army serves as a disaster relief organization, providing aid to victims of natural disasters. In addition to gathering volunteers and delivering essential resources in response to disasters, the Salvation Army engages in emergency preparedness activities such as training Klamath County first responders and developing emergency disaster plans.

International Programs

The Salvation Army has a presence in more than 120 countries around the world. In the U.S., the Salvation Army operates more than 7,500 service centers including centers in Klamath County, community centers, daycare centers, medical facilities, and other centers of operation.