Montgomery County Goodwill

Find Montgomery County Ohio Goodwill stores. Goodwill provides information on nonprofit donations, retail thrift store chains, community programs, employment, job placement, and training.

Goodwill Centerville 137 South Main Street Centerville OH 45458 937-610-2605

Goodwill Dayton 4912 Airway Road Dayton OH 45431 937-781-9532

Goodwill Dayton 660 South Main Street Dayton OH 45402 937-461-4800

Goodwill Dayton Kuntz Road Dayton OH 45404 937-461-4800

Goodwill Dayton 111 West First Street Dayton OH 45402 937-586-0919

Goodwill Dayton 7150 North Dixie Drive Dayton OH 45414 937-228-2886

Goodwill Dayton 1 Elizabeth Place Dayton OH 45417 937-223-1226

Goodwill Dayton 1750 Woodman Drive Dayton OH 45420 937-781-9532

Goodwill Dayton 1040 Patterson Road Dayton OH 45420 937-252-9835

Goodwill Dayton 6868 Miller Lane Dayton OH 45414 937-528-6590

Goodwill Dayton 1133 South Edwin C Moses Boulevard Dayton OH 45417 937-461-3305

Goodwill Dayton 4810 Salem Avenue Trotwood OH 45416 937-275-4626

Goodwill Dayton 601 South Edwin C Moses Boulevard Dayton OH 45417 937-227-2920

Goodwill Dayton 1511 Kuntz Road Dayton OH 45404 937-228-2886

Goodwill Dayton 1038 Brandt Pike Dayton OH 45404 937-237-1839

Goodwill Dayton 5400 North Dixie Drive Dayton OH 45414 937-277-1058

Goodwill Dayton 2917 West Alex Bell Road Dayton OH 45459 937-461-3305

Goodwill Dayton 9070 Dayton Lebanon Pike Dayton OH 45458 937-436-3899

Goodwill Dayton 501 East 5th Street Dayton OH 45402 937-228-4737

Goodwill Dayton 200 West 2nd Street Dayton OH 45402 937-262-7916

About Goodwill Stores

How are Goodwill agencies funded?

The primary source of revenue for Goodwill agencies comes from sales at the Goodwill stores. Additional revenue sources include grants from private foundations, public grants, and contributions from individuals. Businesses also support the development of job-training and placement programs.

How do individuals access employment assistance from Goodwill?

Each local Goodwill agency has its own policies for providing employment assistance. Typically, Goodwill staff will conduct an intake meeting with the individual to gather background information and to select the service that best aligns with the individual's needs.

What types of donations are not accepted by Goodwill?

As a general rule, only items that can be sold are accepted, so goods with significant damage should not be donated. Goodwill also does not accept large appliances, mattresses and pillows, building materials, car parts, firearms, fireworks, hazardous materials, or any baby furniture, toys, or games that do not comply with CPSC safety standards.