Montgomery County Department of Education

Find Montgomery County Ohio departments of education (DOE) and boards of education. Departments of education provide information on K-12 schools, secondary education and high school, and higher education including colleges and universities.

Burkesville OH Department of Education 810 North Main Street Dayton OH 45405 614-365-5000

Burkesville Ohio Department of Education 212 North Main Street Dayton OH 45402 614-365-5947

Central Department of Education Savannah Avenue Dayton OH 45417 216-332-0742

Crawford County Department of Education 115 South Ludlow Street Dayton OH 45402 419-562-8741

Dayton Jefferson County Department of Education 3750 Far Hills Avenue Kettering OH 45429 205-379-4750

Fairbanks Department of Education 50 West Franklin Street Centerville OH 45459 937-349-3731

Frederick Ohio Department of Education 9190 Frederick Pike Dayton OH 45414 440-356-3509

Ontario Local Department of Education 3800 Cadillac Street Moraine OH 45439 419-747-4311

Otsego Department of Education 739 Leland Avenue Dayton OH 45402 419-823-4381

Phillipsburg Albertville Department of Education 817 Phillipsburg Union Road Union OH 45322 256-891-7840

Talladega Department of Education 611 Randler Avenue Vandalia OH 45377 256-315-5100

Tallapoosa Department of Education 231 West National Road Vandalia OH 45377 256-825-1020

Tallassee Department of Education 600 South Dixie Drive Vandalia OH 45377 334-283-6864

Tallmadge Department of Education 401 East National Road Vandalia OH 45377 330-633-3291

Tarrant Department of Education 1409 Cornish Drive Vandalia OH 45377 205-849-3700

Vandalia Butler 306 South Dixie Drive Vandalia OH 45377 937-898-4618

Yatesville Oregon Department of Education 5 Stout Street Dayton OH 45402 419-693-9729

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What are the ESEA Title I and IDEA grants?

The ESEA Title I and IDEA grants are among the largest federal education grant programs. ESEA Title I provides funding to school districts with high numbers of low-income students. IDEA grants provide funding for special education programs.

What are the Common Core Standards?

The Common Core Standards are a set of academic standards for math and language arts, which establish benchmarks for student skills and abilities at each grade level. The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) developed the Common Core Standards. Adoption of these standards is voluntary, and forty two states have chosen to adopt the Common Core Standards.

Does the U.S. Department of Education run Head Start?

No. Head Start is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. It provides preschool and other family health services to low-income families.