Montgomery County City Council

Find Montgomery County Ohio city councils. City councils provide information about mayors, council members, city halls, voter registration, and voting locations.

Huber Heights City Council 6131 Taylorsville Road Huber Heights OH 45424 937-233-1423

Kettering City Council 3600 Shroyer Road Dayton OH 45429 937-296-2416

Oakwood City Council 30 Park Avenue Dayton OH 45419 937-298-0600

Trotwood City Council 3035 Olive Road Trotwood OH 45426 937-854-7212

About City Councils

What is an ordinance?

An ordinance is a legislative action taken by the City Council that enacts or changes a local law, policy, or procedure. The complete body of city ordinances is known as the Code of Ordinances.

What are the requirements for being a candidate for City Council?

Each city has its own eligibility requirements. Generally, an individual must be an adult, eligible to vote, and a resident of the city. Some cities require residency of a minimum period of time. Some prohibit individuals convicted of a felony or misappropriation of public funds from running for City Council.

What is the difference between a City Council and a Town Council?

A City Council and a Town Council are both legislative bodies for local government. Some states make no distinction between a city and town, and confer the same powers and duties to their legislative bodies. Other states make a distinction between different classes of local government. In those states, a City Council may have more extensive powers and duties than a Town Council.