Hamilton County Public Works

Find Hamilton County Ohio departments of public works or DPW. Public works departments provide information on public projects, maintenance of parks, buildings, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, traffic signals, snow removal, public utilities, water treatment and sewage.

Cheviot Public Works 3729 Robb Avenue Cheviot OH 45211 513-481-5233

Forest Park Public Works 1970 Waycross Road Cincinnati OH 45240 513-595-5246

Hamilton County Public Works 138 East Court Street Cincinnati OH 45202 513-946-4550

North College Hill Public Works 1704 West Galbraith Road Cincinnati OH 45239 513-521-7413

Norwood Public Works 3001 Harris Avenue Norwood OH 45212 513-458-4615

Springdale Public Works 335 Northland Boulevard Cincinnati OH 45246 513-346-5520

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About Public Works

Does Public Works charge for services?

Some Public Works operations, such as maintenance of roads, parks and public facilities are typically funded through general taxation. Other services such as trash collection, water service and sewer service may be funded by user fees. Fees for trash collection may be a flat monthly service fee, or may be based on volume of trash collected.

Who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks?

The specifics vary from one jurisdiction to the next. Typically, the Public Works Department installs new sidewalks and replaces old sidewalks in accordance with a replacement schedule. Most state statutes and local ordinances place responsibility for maintenance of sidewalks with the property owner. In addition to repairs for sidewalks, property owners are almost always responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow and obstructions.

Can I get a stop sign installed on my street?

In most jurisdictions, a request for a stop sign may be made through the Public Works Department's engineering or roads maintenance division. The location is usually investigated and studied to determine if a stop sign is warranted and meets any applicable state guidelines for traffic control devices.