Hamilton County Golf Course

Find Hamilton County Ohio golf courses. Golf courses can be public or private, and provide a facility for individuals to play golf, take golf lessons, and buy golf equipment.

Aston Oaks Golf Club 1 Aston Oaks Drive North Bend OH 45052 513-467-0070

Avon Field Golf Course 4081 Reading Road Cincinnati OH 45229 513-281-0322

Beech Creek Golf Course 1831 Hudepohl Lane Cincinnati OH 45231 513-522-8700

Beech Creek Golf Course 1621 Hudepohl Lane Cincinnati OH 45231 513-497-3946

California Golf Course 5920 Kellogg Avenue Cincinnati OH 45230 513-231-6513

Cincinnati Country Club 2348 Grandin Road Cincinnati OH 45208 513-533-5200

Circling Hills Golf Course 10240 Carolina Trace Road Harrison OH 45030 513-367-5858

Coldstream Country Club 400 Asbury Road Cincinnati OH 45255 513-231-3900

Deer Run Country Club 7414 Pickway Drive Cincinnati OH 45233 513-941-8000

Delhi Hills Par 3 Golf Course 1068 Ebenezer Road Cincinnati OH 45233 513-941-9827

Dunham Golf Course 1951 Dunham Way Cincinnati OH 45238 513-251-1157

Etter's Miniature Golf 9941 Reading Road Cincinnati OH 45241 513-563-1024

Fernbank Golf & Tennis Club 7036 Fernbank Avenue Cincinnati OH 45233 513-941-9960

Glenview Golf Course 10965 Springfield Pike Glendale OH 45246 513-771-1747

Golden Tee Golf 455 Tri County Parkway Springdale OH 45246 513-771-6001

Greenhills Golf & Tennis Club 14 Enfield Street Cincinnati OH 45218 513-589-3585

Hamilton County Park District Golf Courses 3811 Newtown Road Cincinnati OH 45244 513-561-5650

Hartwell Golf Club 59 Caldwell Drive Cincinnati OH 45216 513-821-9855

Hillview Golf Course 6954 Wesselman Road Cleves OH 45002 513-574-6670

Hyde Park Golf & Country Club 3740 Erie Avenue Cincinnati OH 45208 513-871-3111

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About Golf courses

How much does it cost to play on a Golf Course?

The cost to play golf varies dramatically from one Golf Course to the next. The green fee, or fee for playing a round of golf, can be as little as $10 to $15. Green fees at resort Golf Courses can be in the hundreds of dollars. Municipal Golf Courses tend to be more affordable than privately-owned Golf Courses.

Do Golf Courses provide clubs for players?

No. Golfers are required to bring their own set of clubs to play. It is extremely rare for a course to offer clubs to rent or borrow. Most courses do not permit players to share sets of clubs while playing and require each individual player to bring their own set.

What is a tee time?

A tee time is the start time for a round of golf. Players can reserve tee times, which are spaced apart by approximately seven to 15 minutes to ensure an efficient flow of golfers through the course. Some Golf Courses do not require a tee time, but most do.