Hamilton County EPA Office

Find Hamilton County Ohio EPA offices, labs, facilities and departmental locations of the US Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Offices provide information and educational resources on environmental policy and issues, science and regulation including asbestos and pollutant removal/disposal, air and water pollution, climate change, emissions testing.

Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center 26 Martin Luther King Drive West Cincinnati OH 45220

US EPA Center Hill Research Facility 5995 Center Hill Avenue Cincinnati OH 45224 513-569-7795

US EPA Region 5 Chicago Regional Laboratory 5995 Center Hill Avenue Cincinnati OH 45224 513-569-7795

US EPA Test and Evaluation Facility 1600 Gest Street Cincinnati OH 45204 513-569-7771

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What are Compliance Assistance Centers?

Compliance Assistance Centers are a web-based system of "first-stop shops" that help regulated entities understand and comply with environmental regulations. Compliance Assistance Centers are organized around 23 subject groupings, such as wetlands, hazardous waste and wastewater treatment. They also offer telephone assistance and discussion groups.

Does EPA enforce the Endangered Species Act?

No. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service enforces the Endangered Species Act. Enforcement of the Act is designed to stabilize the population of at risk species, prevent extinctions, and preserve critical habitats.

What is a civil administrative action?

Civil administrative actions are an enforcement option that does not involve judicial action. The EPA can issue notices of violation, penalties, and orders to violators of environmental regulations without involving the courts.