Hamilton County Department of Education

Find Hamilton County Ohio departments of education (DOE) and boards of education. Departments of education provide information on K-12 schools, secondary education and high school, and higher education including colleges and universities.

Adel Columbus City Department of Education 105 East Mitchell Avenue St. Bernard OH 45217 614-365-1111

Anderson County Department of Education 605 Asbury Road Cincinnati OH 45255 502-839-2527

Boardman Department of Education 56 Hoboken Lane Cincinnati OH 45226 330-726-3404

Cincinnati Danville Department of Education 8688 Donna Lane Cincinnati OH 45236 859-236-6987

Cincinnati Liberty County Department of Education 7465 Loannes Drive Cincinnati OH 45243 912-876-4573

Cincinnati Missouri Department of Education 1625 Cedar Avenue Cincinnati OH 45224 314-290-4035

Cincinnati Seymour Department of Education 4881 Cooper Road Blue Ash OH 45242 920-833-2304

Clifton KY Department of Education 745 Clifton Hills Avenue Cincinnati OH 45220 859-745-3900

Edgerton Department of Education Wisconsin Avenue Cincinnati OH 45204 608-884-9402

Glasgow Department of Education Flanders Lane Cincinnati OH 45218 270-651-6757

Harlan Department of Education 917 Lakeridge Drive Cincinnati OH 45231 606-573-8700

Hopewell-Loudon Department of Education 1630 Kingsway Court Cincinnati OH 45230 419-937-2216

Indian Hill Department of Education 6865 Drake Road Cincinnati OH 45243 513-272-4631

Leonia KY Department of Education 570 Grand Avenue Cincinnati OH 45205 606-546-3157

Loveland Lenoir City - Department of Education 757 South Lebanon Road Loveland OH 45140 865-988-6732

Mahwah Ohio Department of Education Fardale Drive Cincinnati OH 45247 330-424-7992

Mansfield Daviess County Department of Education Crosby Road Harrison OH 45030 270-852-7361

Mickleton Kentucky Department of Education Quaker Court Cincinnati OH 45251 606-633-5723

New Kent County Department of Education 234 Goodman Street Cincinnati OH 45219 804-966-9650

Paducah Department of Education 2720 Riverside Drive Cincinnati OH 45226 270-444-5600

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What are the ESEA Title I and IDEA grants?

The ESEA Title I and IDEA grants are among the largest federal education grant programs. ESEA Title I provides funding to school districts with high numbers of low-income students. IDEA grants provide funding for special education programs.

What are the Common Core Standards?

The Common Core Standards are a set of academic standards for math and language arts, which establish benchmarks for student skills and abilities at each grade level. The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) developed the Common Core Standards. Adoption of these standards is voluntary, and forty two states have chosen to adopt the Common Core Standards.

Does the U.S. Department of Education run Head Start?

No. Head Start is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services. It provides preschool and other family health services to low-income families.