Hamilton County Assisted Living & Nursing Home

Find Hamilton County Ohio assisted living and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes provide information on senior home care assistance including independent living, retirement communities, apartment rentals and homes, and adult day care.

Anderson Nursing Home 8139 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati OH 45255 513-474-6200

Blue Ash Nursing & Rehab Residence 4900 Cooper Road Cincinnati OH 45242 513-793-3362

Brays Genseis Elder Care 3251 Highland Avenue Cincinnati OH 45213 513-522-1659

Brookwood Retirement Community 12100 Reed Hartman Highway Cincinnati OH 45241 513-605-2000

Cottingham Retirement Community 3995 Cottingham Drive Cincinnati OH 45241 513-563-3600

Evergreen Retirement Community 230 West Galbraith Road Cincinnati OH 45215 513-948-2308

Galbraith Nursing Home 3889 East Galbraith Road Cincinnati OH 45236 513-984-5220

Gardenpark Nursing Home 3544 Washington Avenue Cincinnati OH 45229 513-751-2241

Glineco Residential Service 7194 Pippin Road North College Hill OH 45239 513-385-3380

Golden Age Retirement Home 3635 Reading Road Cincinnati OH 45229 513-281-1922

Grand Assistance Senior Home Care 6934 Miami Avenue Madeira OH 45243 513-488-1198

Hillebrand Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 4320 Bridgetown Road Cincinnati OH 45211 513-574-4550

Liberty Nursing Center 315 Lilienthal Street Cincinnati OH 45204 513-471-8667

Lincoln Crawford Nursing Home 1346 Lincoln Avenue Cincinnati OH 45206 513-861-2044

Llanfair Retirement Community 1701 Llanfair Avenue Cincinnati OH 45224 513-681-4230

Mj Nursing At Black Stone 4700 East Galbraith Road Cincinnati OH 45236 513-961-1000

Mountaincrest Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 2586 Lafeuille Avenue Cincinnati OH 45211 513-662-2444

Oak Pavilion Nursing Home 510 Oak Street Cincinnati OH 45219 513-751-0880

Price Hill Nursing Home 584 Elberon Avenue Cincinnati OH 45205 513-251-0367

Pristine Senior Living and Post Acute Care 5999 Bender Road Cincinnati OH 45233 513-922-1440

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What is the difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?

The residents at an Assisted Living facility typically have a higher degree of independence than Nursing Home residents. Nursing Home residents require nursing medical attention on a daily basis, while Assisted Living residents may not require ongoing medical attention. The residential facilities may differ, with Assisted Living facilities offering apartments while Nursing Homes have single or semi-private rooms.

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover Assisted Living or Nursing Homes?

Medicare does not typically cover Assisted Living facilities, but it may cover Nursing Home services. Lower-income seniors can use Medicaid to help pay for Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Home services. Veterans Benefits, long-term care insurance, and life insurance may also provide financial assistance to pay for Assisted Living.

Are there age requirements for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

The age requirements for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes vary depending on the state and facility. Some facilities allow residents of all ages, with stipulations that a certain percentage of the population must be older adults. Other states require a minimum age of 65 to live in an Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home.