Chautauqua County Airport

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Chautauqua County Dunkirk Airport - DKK 2 Aero Dr Dunkirk NY 14048 716-366-4500

Chautauqua County/Jamestown Airport - JHW 3163 Airport Drive Jamestown NY 14701 716-484-0204

Dart Airport 6167 Plank Road Mayville NY 14757 716-753-2160

Laska Airport - 3Nk4 692 Kiantone Road Jamestown NY 14701 716-569-2299

Pratts Eastern Divide Airport 9651 Hazen Road Sherman NY 14781 716-761-6649

Ridgeview Airport Shadyside Road Lakewood NY 14750 716-763-8475

About Chautauqua County Airports

Chautauqua County Airports are aviation complexes that consist of runways for the take-off and landing of aircraft as well as aviation support structures in Chautauqua County, NY. Depending on airport size and air traffic, support structures at an airport in Chautauqua County may include control towers, terminals, hangars, and maintenance facilities. Other supporting services and amenities may also be available at Chautauqua County airfields, including parking facilities, retail and dining services, hotels, and connections to other modes of transportation, such as rail or bus. The larger Chautauqua County airports may contain internal transportation systems to move passengers among terminals and parking areas. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) groups Chautauqua County non-military airports into four categories: Commercial Service Airports, General Aviation Airports, Cargo Service Airports, and Reliever Airports.

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Airports in Chautauqua County, New York

Chautauqua County Airports provide scheduled passenger services to at least 2,500 passengers per year. Commercial Service Airports in Chautauqua County, New York are publicly owned and are operated by New York or regional authorities that have the power to issue bonds for capital improvements. Commercial Airports that serve 10,000 or more passengers per year are considered Primary Commercial Service Airports. Hubs and larger airports, some of which are international airports, are Primary Commercial Service Airports.

Small Airports

General Aviation Airports are smaller, municipal public use airports that do not provide scheduled passenger services. These airports serve a wide range of aviation needs, including personal flying, air taxi and chartered service, corporate and business flights, emergency and disaster response, and tourism. Chautauqua County General Aviation Airports may be publicly or privately owned.

Cargo Airports

Airports that service the transport of at least 100 million pounds of cargo per year are considered Cargo Service Airports. While some Chautauqua County airports may function exclusively for cargo transport, many provide both commercial services and cargo transport services. In these cases, an airport may have both a Commercial Service and Cargo Service designation.

Reliever & Military Airports

Reliever Airports relieve congestion at other airports, in addition to providing general aviation services to their region. Military Air Bases support military aircraft. Some are located at or adjacent to Chautauqua County civilian airports and they may share certain facilities.