Cattaraugus County Court

Find Cattaraugus County New York courts and courthouses, such as federal, state, district, superior, criminal, common, circuit, judicial, judiciary, divorce, appeals, family, traffic, and small claims courts. Courts provide information on legal cases, law documents, case searches, and appeals.

Allegany Town Court 3790 Birch Run Road Allegany NY 14706 716-373-3670

Allegany Village Court 106 East Main Street Allegany NY 14706 716-373-1460

Ashford Town Court 9377 Highway 240 West Valley NY 14171 716-942-6016

Carrollton Town Court 641 Main Street Limestone NY 14753 716-925-7772

Cattaraugus County Court 303 Court Street Little Valley NY 14755 716-373-8043

Coldspring Town Court 2604 Lebanon Road Randolph NY 14772 716-354-5752

Dayton Town Court 9100 U.s. 62 Gowanda NY 14070 716-532-3758

East Otto Town Court 9014 East Otto Springville Road East Otto NY 14729 716-257-9071

Ellicottville Town Court 1 West Washington Street Ellicottville NY 14731 716-498-0418

Ellicottville Village Court 1 West Washington Street Ellicottville NY 14731 716-699-4513

Farmersville Town Court 3963 Lake Ave Franklinville NY 14737 716-676-3030

Franklinville Town Court 11 Park Square Franklinville NY 14737 716-676-3077

Great Valley Town Court 4808 U.s. 219 Great Valley NY 14741 716-945-4200

Hinsdale Town Court 4129 Route 16 Hinsdale NY 14743 716-557-2478

Humphrey Town Court 4500 Humphrey Road Great Valley NY 14741 716-945-1010

Ischua Town Court 1850 Mill Street Hinsdale NY 14743 716-557-2236

Limestone Village Court 639 Main Street Limestone NY 14753 716-925-8508

Little Valley Town Court 201 3rd Street Little Valley NY 14755 716-938-6441

Machias Town Court 9588 Maple Avenue Machias NY 14101 716-353-8207

Mansfield Town Court 7660 Hollister Hill Road Little Valley NY 14755 716-257-9288

About Courts

How do I file a small claims suit?

The process and rules for filing a small claims suit vary from state to state with regard to the dollar limit for small claims, the statute of limitations for filing a claim, and whether you are allowed to be represented by a lawyer. Contact the court that handles small claims in your state for details on the process for filing a claim and to obtain the proper forms.

Are there fees for filing a small claims suit?

Filing fees are generally between $30 and $100. In addition to filing fees, other costs may include service fees for serving the complaint to the defendant and collection fees if the court assists in collecting the judgment.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to going before a judge in a suit. Many small claims courts sponsor or make referrals to mediation programs where the plaintiff and defendant meet with a neutral third person to help resolve the dispute without going to court.