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Are all warrant records open to the public?

No, some warrants may be sealed or they may contain redacted information. For example, warrant records for minors may only be available with a court order. Other information, including personal information about minor witnesses or the victims of sexual assault, may be redacted on a warrant.

Are Warrant Searches different depending on the state?

Each local law enforcement agency or court may provide a different database to perform Warrant Searches. A Warrant Search conducted through a single state or county database may only provide results for warrants issued in that jurisdiction. However, background check services can compile results from a wide range of municipalities, in order to display more complete Warrant Search results.

Can warrant records be expunged?

Yes, warrant records may be sealed or expunged from someone's record. If the case was dismissed or an individual was found innocent, the warrant records may be expunged. Some states also offer a process for individuals to request that certain warrants be sealed. This may not be allowed for certain serious felonies.