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Find New Hampshire unemployment offices, including state, federal, and department of labor offices. Unemployment offices provide information on unemployment eligibility and status, compensation, and filing weekly unemployment claims or benefits.

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What is an Unemployment Office?

An Unemployment Office is a state agency responsible for administering the state's unemployment insurance and unemployment compensation programs. Unemployment benefits are temporary monetary payments made to individuals who have lost their jobs, usually due to layoffs. An Unemployment Office may be referred to as the Office of Unemployment Compensation, the Office of Unemployment Insurance, or a similar name. Unemployment Offices are typically organized as one division within a state's Department of Labor. In many cases, it may be consolidated in the same agency responsible for workforce development. These agencies are usually located in several field offices or regional offices throughout a state.

Each state designs its own unemployment compensation system. Unemployment benefits and eligibility requirements vary from state to state. The eligibility requirements are designed to primarily benefit workers who have been laid off. In order to receive benefits, a worker must have a recent earnings history and must be actively seeking to find employment. The self-employed and individuals who are unable to work, or those who were fired or dismissed from their job, quit their job, or have turned down opportunities to work, are generally ineligible for unemployment benefits.

In most states, the unemployment benefit is calculated to replace half of the recipient's previous earnings, up to a maximum weekly amount. In some states, the maximum benefit may be determined, in part, on whether the recipient has dependents. The duration of benefits is usually up to 26 weeks, though in some circumstances, such as a prolonged or severe economic downturn, the benefits may be extended.

Unemployment Offices receive applications from individuals filing claims for unemployment compensation benefits. In addition to reviewing an individual's application materials, an interview with the applicant may also be conducted. Unemployment benefits specialists will determine eligibility for benefits based on the individual's earnings history, the cause or circumstances around the individual's unemployment, and other factors. Unemployment Offices verify information with employers and conduct hearings processes in cases where applicants have filed appeals after having been denied benefits. Unemployment Offices also calculate benefits amounts and monitor compliance with any applicable job search or job training requirements.