Lancaster County Post Office

Find Lancaster County Nebraska post offices and USPS mailing boxes. Post offices provide information on bulk mail services, domestic mail delivery, international shipping, change of address, mail forwarding, PO boxes, and passport services.

Bennet Post Office 605 Madison Street Bennet NE 68317 402-782-6745

College View Post Office 5100 Van Dorn Street Lincoln NE 68506 402-458-1834

Davey Post Office 17755 North 2nd Street Davey NE 68336 402-785-3125

Denton Post Office 9345 West 3rd Street Denton NE 68339 402-797-3355

Firth Post Office 104 West 3rd Street Firth NE 68358 402-791-5577

Gateway Post Office 5945 R Street Lincoln NE 68505 402-458-1833

Hallam Post Office 336 Main Street Hallam NE 68368 402-787-3535

Havelock Post Office 6240 Platte Avenue Lincoln NE 68507 402-458-1833

Hickman Post Office 116 Locust Street Hickman NE 68372 402-792-2045

Indian Village Post Office 1201 Calvert Street Lincoln NE 68502 402-458-1830

Lincoln Post Office 700 R Street Lincoln NE 68501 402-458-1842

Malcolm Post Office 226 Lincoln Street Malcolm NE 68402 402-796-2255

Martell Post Office 17615 Southwest 25th Street Martell NE 68404 402-794-6131

Panama Post Office 302 Locust Street Panama NE 68419 402-788-2252

Raymond Post Office 14700 North 1st Street Raymond NE 68428 402-783-3411

Roca Post Office 4200 Main Street Roca NE 68430 402-423-3493

Sprague Post Office 18905 Market Street Sprague NE 68438 402-794-4700

State House Post Office 301 Centennial Mall South Lincoln NE 68508 402-458-1842

University Place Post Office 2427 North 48th Street Lincoln NE 68504 402-458-1837

Walton Post Office 1500 South 112th Street Walton NE 68461 402-488-3227

About Post Offices

What Change of Address options are available?

Customers can request a temporary or permanent Change of Address either online or in person at the Post Office using PS Form 3575. The online application for Change of Address has a $1.00 identity validation fee.

Is it possible to insure mail and items sent via the USPS?

Yes. Standard mail can be insured for up to $5,000 for an additional fee. Registered mail items can be insured for up to $50,000.

What is the USPS Office of Inspector General?

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a division within the USPS responsible for ensuring the integrity and accountability of the postal service. It conducts investigations to safeguard the postal system and performs audits and reviews.