Napa CA Economic Development Agency

Find Napa, California economic development agencies, departments, and corporations. Economic development agencies provide information on resources for economic growth, expansion of local businesses, attracting new business and tourism.

Napa Economic Development Department 1600 1st Street Napa CA 94559 707-257-9502

About Napa Economic Development Agencies

Napa Economic Development Agencies (EDA's) are government agencies at the California State, Napa County, or local level whose mission is to promote business activity and development, attract and retain business, facilitate development that increases employment and the tax base, and encourage an environment in which the economy can thrive in Napa, CA.

You may contact the Economic Development Office for questions about:
  • Napa Economic Development programs and services
  • City and community development
  • Job creation, training, and workforce development
  • Napa Economic Development funds
  • EDA grants and funding
Napa Business Development

Economic Development Agencies in Napa promote California, Napa County, or community as a favorable location to do business. They usually work closely with Napa Chambers of Commerce and other business groups to market the region for business development. This collaboration often involves creating marketing materials, developing promotional advertising, and organizing Napa business expos.

Small Business Support Programs

The Napa Economic Development Agency may include an office dedicated to supporting small businesses. The Napa government can support small businesses by providing ombudsmen services, helping small businesses work through licensing and Napa County permitting requirements, and raising awareness of bidding opportunities on government contracts.

Land Development Programs in Napa, California

Napa Economic Development Centers actively seek developers for undeveloped land or parcels in need of redevelopment. They market development opportunities, and in cases where obstacles to development exist, they may help identify gap funding or other solutions to impediments such as site contamination. Napa EDA's also maintain inventories of available commercial land and commercial building space in order to serve as a matchmaker for developers, landlords, and business owners.

Napa Tax Incentives

Napa Economic Development Corporations sometimes offer tax incentives to businesses that expand or relocate within their jurisdiction. This strategy is particularly common at the California State level, but it also takes place at the Napa County and local levels. Typically, the Economic Development Agency offers a Napa tax incentive or tax abatement based on the theory that the new or expanded business will generate job opportunities and thus increase the tax base.

Economic Development Grants & Loans

Napa grants and non-traditional loans are also available through Economic Development Agencies. Common grants to businesses include Brownfield Redevelopment grants, facade improvement grants, and Napa public improvement grants. A variety of Napa loan programs may be accessible through an Economic Development Agency, often at below-market interest rates and with less stringent credit requirements than loans from traditional financing institutions.