Mount Carmel Emergency Services in Mount Carmel Illinois

Address and phone number for Mount Carmel Emergency Services, an Emergency Services, at College Drive, Mount Carmel IL.

Mount Carmel Emergency Services
1418 College Drive, Mount Carmel, Illinois, 62863
Mon-Sat 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

About the Mount Carmel Emergency Services

The Mount Carmel Emergency Services, located in Mount Carmel, IL, acts as the lead Mount Carmel agency for emergency situations. The local Emergency Services agency works with federal, Illinois State, and Wabash County agencies to prepare for emergencies, respond to emergencies, and provide emergency recovery services. Emergency Services responds to any emergency that poses a major threat to public safety or causes a significant disruption to civil society, including natural disasters, severe weather incidents, and civil unrest.

You may contact Emergency Services for questions about:
  • Mount Carmel emergency preparedness
  • Emergency management services
  • Natural disaster preparedness
  • Emergency first response services
  • Emergency Management Office jobs and employment
Emergency Services Plans

The Mount Carmel Emergency Services prepares for emergency events by creating emergency plans. These plans include detailed procedures in the case of different emergencies, including the roles and responsibilities of Mount Carmel, Illinois state, and federal agencies. In the immediate period before a known emergency, such as a developing hurricane, Emergency Services coordinates with Wabash County Public Safety agencies, Wabash County Public Works agencies, Mount Carmel Utilities, and hospitals to minimize the emergency's impact and rapidly respond to the emergency.

Emergency Response Services in Mount Carmel, IL

In the case of a Mount Carmel emergency, Emergency Services coordinates response services through an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). An EOC has a communications network, an uninterruptible power supply, and resources to continuously manage and respond to the emergency. Emergency Services may activate the EOC before the emergency, in the case of known events, or immediately after the emergency, for events such as an earthquake. The EOC remains activated throughout the recovery period, and it can also be used during non-emergencies for Mount Carmel disaster planning and emergency preparedness training.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

In addition to coordinating emergency responses, the Mount Carmel Emergency Services provides emergency preparedness resources for residents of Mount Carmel. These include resources on natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and floods. Mount Carmel residents can use emergency preparedness resources to create their household disaster plans.

Mount Carmel Emergency Management Agencies

In Wabash County, multiple agencies work together to provide Emergency Services. The Mount Carmel Emergency Services coordinates with other government agencies at the Wabash County, Illinois State, and federal level. These include the Department of Emergency Services, the Office of Emergency Services, and the Department of Civil Preparedness. At the federal level, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides Emergency Services as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Local Emergency Services also works with the public and business community to prepare for emergencies or manage emergency responses.

Contact the Mount Carmel Emergency Services

You may contact the Mount Carmel Emergency Services by calling 618-263-4117, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Mount Carmel Emergency Services, 1418 College Drive, Mount Carmel, Illinois, 62863.

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