Moosic Fire Department

Find Moosic Pennsylvania fire departments, city fire stations, firefighters, brigades, chiefs, inspectors, marshals, and local volunteers. Fire departments provide information on fire risk assessment, permits, fire alarms, and safety guidance.

Greenwood Fire Department 3727 Birney Avenue Moosic PA 18507 570-342-9111

Moosic Fire Department 532 Main Street Moosic PA 18507 570-457-9194

Old Forge Hose & Engine Company 310 South Main Street Old Forge PA 18518 1.9 miles from Moosic 570-457-6200

Avoca Hose Co 740 Main Street Avoca PA 18641 2.2 miles from Moosic 570-457-2894

Taylor Hose & Engine Co 614 Union Street Taylor PA 18517 2.2 miles from Moosic 570-562-1010

Excelsior Hose Co 798 Foote Avenue Duryea PA 18642 2.5 miles from Moosic 570-457-2233

Germania Hose Company 435 Foote Avenue Duryea PA 18642 3.0 miles from Moosic 570-451-3750

Dupont Volunteer Hose Co 308 Main Street Dupont PA 18641 3.4 miles from Moosic 570-654-4222

Hughestown Hose Company 1 30 Center Street Hughestown PA 18640 4.0 miles from Moosic 570-654-4188

City Of Scranton Bureau Of Fire 518 Mulberry Street Scranton PA 18510 4.4 miles from Moosic 570-348-4132

Pittston Township Volunteer Fire Department 79 Bryden Street Pittston PA 18640 4.9 miles from Moosic 570-654-2503

Wilkes Barre Fire Department 20 Kennedy Street Pittston PA 18640 5.0 miles from Moosic 570-208-4261

Dunmore Fire Chief 400 South Blakely Street Dunmore PA 18512 5.6 miles from Moosic 570-347-2592

Exeter Hose Company 1 1405 Susquehanna Avenue West Pittston PA 18643 5.8 miles from Moosic 570-603-0763

Jenkins Township Fire Department 2 2nd Street Pittston PA 18640 5.9 miles from Moosic 570-655-5045

Laflin Volunteer Fire Co 47 Laflin Road Wilkes-Barre PA 18702 6.6 miles from Moosic 570-655-4014

Wyoming Hose Company No. 2 70 East 3rd Street Wyoming PA 18644 7.1 miles from Moosic 570-693-2524

Wyoming Hose Company 1 33 East 8th Street Wyoming PA 18644 7.5 miles from Moosic 570-693-1371

Newton-Ransom Volunteer Fire Company 1890 Newton Ransom Boulevard Clarks Summit PA 18411 7.6 miles from Moosic 570-587-2526

Throop Hose Company 2 206 Boulevard Avenue Throop PA 18512 7.6 miles from Moosic 570-489-6431

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Why does the Fire Department block lanes of traffic at an auto accident?

The Fire Department will often block one or more lanes at the scene of an auto accident to provide room for the fire personnel to respond to the emergency. The extra space helps to keep the fire personnel safe from other traffic hazards.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

You should evacuate your family and pets from the house. Call 911 from a safe location or a neighbor's house. Do not call 911 from inside your house. The use of a phone inside your home could ignite the gas.

What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me?

You should safely pull to the right side of the road. If you are unable to pull to the side, stop your vehicle and do not move until the emergency vehicle has passed you.