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Find Monmouth Oregon parks. Parks provide information on indoor and outdoor recreational areas and facilities, playgrounds, ball and athletic fields, trails, and general outdoor nature areas.

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About Monmouth Parks

Monmouth Parks are natural or semi-natural open spaces set aside for outdoor recreation, leisure, or preservation in Monmouth, OR. Almost all Parks in Monmouth are public spaces open to the general public, though there are some examples of private Parks. Most Polk County and local governments have a Parks Department that is responsible for maintaining City Parks, Town Greens, Athletic Parks, and similar open spaces.

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Monmouth Public Parks

Monmouth City Park, also called an Urban Park or Municipal Park, provides recreation and green space for visitors and the residents of the local community. Common features of a City Park include walking paths, running trails, gardens, playgrounds, picnic tables, open lawns, and sports fields. Some may include public restrooms and an information center. A Neighborhood Park is a smaller-scale version of a City Park intended for the residents of the surrounding neighborhood. They are typically designed to give Monmouth residents, especially families with young children, open recreation space within walking distance of their homes.

Monmouth Town Parks

A Town Green is a Park that serves as a common area for civic gatherings, public celebrations, and Monmouth community events. They are often located in the center of a municipality, adjacent to the Monmouth City or Town Hall, and they are common sites for farmers markets, concerts, and similar gatherings. A City Square is an urban alternative to a Town Green and fulfills a similar purpose in a less natural setting.

Athletic Parks in Monmouth, Oregon

Monmouth Athletic Parks consists of fields and facilities necessary for recreational and competitive sports. An Athletic Park may be designated for a single sport or activity, or it may be a complex of facilities that serves as a hub for athletic activities in a locality or region. Athletic Parks can range from a single Monmouth little league baseball field with a gravel parking lot to a large regional complex with a full array of amenities including locker rooms, training facilities, concession stands, field lighting, stadium seating, and press boxes.

Oregon State Parks & National Parks

A National or Oregon State Park is an area set aside for conservation by the federal government or an OR State government due to its environmental, historical, or cultural significance. National and State Parks also serve as tourist destinations and recreational areas. National Parks are managed by the U.S. National Parks Service, while Oregon State Parks are usually managed by the Oregon Department of Conservation or Department of Environmental Protection.