Sherburne County Pharmacy

Find Sherburne County Minnesota pharmacies and drug stores. Pharmacies provide information on prescription drugs and medicines, name brand, generic and discount drugs, over the counter (OTC) medications.

Centracare Clinic - Becker Pharmacy 12800 Rolling Ridge Road Becker MN 55308 763-261-7008

Coborns Pharmacy 19425 Evans Street Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-441-0804

Coborns Pharmacy 711 Rose Drive Big Lake MN 55309 763-263-7030

Coborns Pharmacy 1100 7th Avenue South Princeton MN 55371 763-389-8421

Cub Pharmacy 19216 Freeport Street Elk River MN 55330 763-241-8112

Fairview Pharmacy 919 Northland Drive Princeton MN 55371 763-389-6622

Fairview Pharmacy 290 Main Street Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-241-5890

Fairview Pharmacy 25945 Gateway Drive Zimmerman MN 55398 763-856-6940

Goodrich Pharmacy 530 3rd Street Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-441-0764

Kemper Drug And Gifts Pharmacy 323 Jackson Avenue Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-441-1353

Pamida Pharmacy 705 Northland Drive Princeton MN 55371 763-389-3111

Walgreens Pharmacy 18267 Carson Court Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-252-1175

Walmart Supercenter Pharmacy 18185 Zane Street Northwest Elk River MN 55330 763-441-5332

About Sherburne County Pharmacies

Sherburne County Pharmacies are establishments where medicines and drug compounds are prepared and dispensed or sold in Sherburne County, MN. In addition to Community Pharmacies, which are Sherburne County retail Pharmacies that serve the general public, there are numerous other types of Pharmacies that meet the specific needs of customers.

You may contact the Pharmacy for questions about:
  • Finding a Sherburne County Pharmacy near you
  • Accepted health insurance plans
  • Prescription drug and medicine prices, refills, and transfers
  • Prescription drug interactions
  • Pharmacy jobs and employment
Sherburne County Retail Pharmacy

A Community Pharmacy, or Retail Pharmacy, may be located within another store or it may be a stand-alone Sherburne County store. Pharmacists at Sherburne County Pharmacies dispense prescription medications available to the general public, provide customers with information on the safe and effective use of medications, and may assist customers in understanding and managing health insurance co-pays and reimbursements for medications.

Hospital Pharmacy

Sherburne County Hospitals and health clinics often house their own Pharmacies, primarily to serve their patients. A Clinical or Hospital Pharmacy works in cooperation with the hospital's in-house health professionals to ensure that medication is effectively coordinated with patient care.

Ambulatory & Home Care Pharmacies

Sherburne County Ambulatory Pharmacies are mobile services that are designed to serve geriatric patients and patients in rural areas. They are typically part of a managed health care organization and help to minimize the number of hospital visits that members require. Similarly, Home Care Pharmacies in Sherburne County prepare and deliver medical injections to critically ill patients in their homes.

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Minnesota has a Board of Pharmacy, Commission of Pharmacy, or similarly named agency that is responsible for ensuring that all Sherburne County Pharmacies meet standards for safe practices. They license and register Pharmacies, pharmacists, pharmacist interns, prescription drug wholesalers, and other drug outlets. They also monitor and educate Pharmacy professionals, investigate complaints, and enforce disciplinary actions against violators of Minnesota Pharmacy and related laws and regulations.

Controlled Substances Act & FDA Regulations

Pharmacies are highly regulated operations, affected by regulatory agencies at the federal and Minnesota State level of government. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency enforces the Controlled Substances Act, including its requirements for prescribing, administering, and dispensing controlled substances in Sherburne County, MN. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for approving drugs for sale after they have been tested for safe and effective use. The FDA also oversees the production of drugs and medical products.