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What is a Military Base?

A Military Base is a center of military command where military personnel reside, equipment is stored, training is conducted, and military operations are supported. It consists of military owned and operated facilities and infrastructure, and a Military Base functions much like a city, providing services and amenities common to civilian life.

Military Bases can be located within the United States or overseas, and they may be designated for one or more of the military branches. The assignments of individual Military Bases can include a wide range of missions, such as providing global mobility and expeditionary combat support, mobilizing soldiers, training military personnel, military communications, and mobilizing and deploying aircraft. A broad spectrum of training facilities may be offered on a Military Base for active and reserve military personnel, and in some cases, for national, state, and local agencies. Military Bases may also serve as depots for military equipment, providing storage and maintenance services. Overseas, a Military Base may be employed to deter aggression or defend against an attack on an ally.

Access to Military Bases is highly restricted. Only military personnel and other authorized individuals can enter a Military Base. Military Bases typically feature a mix of temporary and permanent housing. Housing units may be militarized or private. Personnel moving into Military Base housing usually go through an advanced housing application process, and waiting lists are not uncommon. A waiting list will prioritize rank, number of children, and the type of housing. Housing for military personnel may be permitted in the surrounding community.

Many Military Bases provide Kindergarten through 12th Grade schools on base for families of military personnel residing there, as well as child development centers and other daycare options. On other bases, children in families residing on base must attend school in the surrounding community. Medical care is generally available through a combination of outpatient clinics located on base and hospitals located on base or in the surrounding community. Other essential services common in civilian life are also available to military families residing on Military Bases.