Menlo Park Daycare

Find Menlo Park California daycares and preschools. Daycares provide information on licensed infant and child care assistance, 24 hour and weekend day care centers, montessori, private, and public facilities.

Applebee Preschool, The 107 Clover Lane Menlo Park CA 94025 650-322-0192

City Of Menlo Park-Belle Haven Child Dev Center 410 Ivy Drive Menlo Park CA 94025 650-322-0158

City Of Menlo Park-Belle Haven School-Age Cc Prgm 100 Terminal Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-330-2297

City Of Menlo Park-Menlo Children's Center-Preschool 801 Laurel Street Menlo Park CA 94025 650-330-2260

City Of Menlo Park-Menlo Children's Center-School-Age 801 Laurel Street Menlo Park CA 94025 650-330-2260

Footsteps Preschool 490 Willow Road Menlo Park CA 94025 650-324-3668

Fsa Of Smc-Haven Child Development Center 260 Van Buren Road Menlo Park CA 94025 650-325-8719

German-American Preschool/Kindergarten 275 Elliott Drive Menlo Park CA 94025 650-324-8617

German-American School - Kindergarten 275 Elliott Drive Menlo Park CA 94025 650-324-8617

Ihsd, Inc-Fair Oaks Head Start Center 3502 Middlefield Road Menlo Park CA 94025 650-368-0869

Ihsd, Inc-Menlo Park Head Start Center 419 Sixth Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-369-7970

Kirk House Preschool 1148 Johnson Street Menlo Park CA 94025 650-323-8667

Littlest Angels 1075 Cloud Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-854-4973

New Beginnings Preschool 1100 Middle Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-325-2190

Newton @ Encinal School 1177 University Drive Menlo Park CA 94025 650-345-4043

Oicw Dba Valda Britschgi Child Dev Center 1200 O'Brien Drive Menlo Park CA 94025 650-330-6416

Peninsula School, 920 Peninsula Way Menlo Park CA 94025 650-325-1584

Phillips Brooks Nursery School 2245 Avy Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-854-4545

Roberts School, The 641 Coleman Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-322-3535

Trinity Preschool 330 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park CA 94025 650-322-2628

About Menlo Park Daycares

Menlo Park Daycare is a service that supervises and cares for children too young to be left alone during periods when parents or guardians are unavailable, due to work or other commitments in Menlo Park, CA. Daycare services are typically used for children too young to attend school or preschool, or for school-aged children that need supervision immediately before or after school hours.

You may contact Daycares for questions about:
  • Menlo Park home, private, and public daycare programs
  • After school programs and supervision
  • Menlo Park childcare programs and services
  • Educational programming
  • Health and safety policies and regulations
Types of Daycare

Daycare services in Menlo Park, California come in a variety of forms, including Daycare Centers operated by private businesses, non-profit and religious organizations, and government agencies, as well as Home Daycares run by individuals. While Daycare usually refers to the supervision and care of children, somewhat comparable services for elderly or disabled adults also exist, which are usually referred to as Menlo Park Adult Daycares.

California Licensed Daycare

All Daycare services are regulated extensively by California State agencies. The regulation and licensing of Daycare services usually falls within the California Human Services Department or the Office of Early Childhood. Regulations concerning Menlo Park Daycare services address staffing levels, the design and safety of physical spaces, accessibility, food, and programming. Menlo Park background checks of all staff members are almost universally required.

Menlo Park Daycare Centers

Daycare Centers are operations that provide daycare in a setting other than a private home. They are typically larger and provide a classroom-style format that groups children by age. Most Menlo Park Daycare Centers offer structured programming, and many are accredited as providers of early learning programs. California State regulations determine how many adult staff members are required per child, based on the children's age. Infants typically require at least one adult for every three infants. The ratio of children to adults increases with the children's age to a maximum of approximately ten children per adult staff members, though this varies by state. Daycare Centers are usually owned and operated by Menlo Park private businesses, non-profit organizations, or religious organizations. Government involvement in Daycare is usually limited to subsidizing Daycare costs for low-income families, though there are some examples of government owned and operated Daycare Centers in Menlo Park.

Menlo Park Home Daycares

Home Daycares are run by an individual and provide childcare in a home in Menlo Park, California. The licensing requirements and regulations for Home Daycares differ somewhat from Daycare Centers. In addition to adult to children ratios, CA law imposes a total maximum number of children that can be cared for in a single home. Safety and design requirements also differ from Daycare Centers.