01011 Marriage License Office

Find 01011 marriage license offices. Marriage license offices provide information on marriage certifications, wedding licenses, certificates, applications, fees, and requirements.

Chester Marriage License Chester Town Clerk, 15 Middlefield Road Chester MA 01011 413-354-6603

Middlefield Marriage License Middlefield Town Clerk, 188 Skyline Trail Middlefield MA 01243 4.1 miles from 01011 413-623-2079

Huntington Marriage License Huntington Town Clerk, 24 Russell Road Huntington MA 01050 5.5 miles from 01011 413-667-3186

Becket Marriage License Becket Town Clerk, 557 Main Street Becket MA 01223 6.2 miles from 01011

Worthington Marriage License Worthington Town Clerk, 160 Huntington Road Worthington MA 01098 6.8 miles from 01011

Russell Marriage License Russell Town Clerk, 65 Main Street Russell MA 01071 8.6 miles from 01011 413-862-6207

Montgomery Marriage License Montgomery Town Clerk, 102 Main Street Montgomery MA 01008 8.8 miles from 01011 413-848-2804

Washington Marriage License Washington Town Clerk, 8 Summit Hill Rd. Washington MA 01223 8.8 miles from 01011 413-623-8878

Blandford Marriage License Blandford Town Clerk, 102 Main Street Blandford MA 01008 9.0 miles from 01011 413-848-2782

Chesterfield Marriage License Chesterfield Town Clerk, 422 Main Road Chesterfield MA 01012 9.1 miles from 01011 413-296-4741

Otis Marriage License Otis Town Clerk, 1 North Main Rd. Otis MA 01253 9.7 miles from 01011

Westhampton Marriage License Westhampton Town Clerk, One South Road Westhampton MA 01027 9.8 miles from 01011 413-203-3080

Peru Marriage License Peru Town Clerk, 3 East Main Road Peru MA 01235 10.3 miles from 01011 413-655-8312

Cummington Marriage License Cummington Town Clerk, 33 Main Street Cummington MA 01026 11.8 miles from 01011 413-634-5354

Hinsdale Marriage License Hinsdale Town Clerk, 39 South Street Hinsdale MA 01235 12.5 miles from 01011 413-655-2301

Tyringham Marriage License Tyringham Town Clerk, 116 Main Road Tyringham MA 01264 12.6 miles from 01011 413-243-1749

Goshen Marriage License Goshen Town Clerk, 40 Main Street Goshen MA 01032 13.0 miles from 01011 413-268-8236

Southampton Marriage License Southampton Town Clerk, 210 College Highway Southampton MA 01073 13.2 miles from 01011 413-527-8392

Tolland Marriage License Tolland Town Clerk, 241 West Granville Road Tolland MA 01034 14.1 miles from 01011 413-258-4068

Lee Marriage License Lee Town Clerk, 32 Main Street Lee MA 01238 14.4 miles from 01011 413-243-5505

About Marriage License Offices

What is the cost of a marriage license?

The cost of a marriage license varies depending on the Marriage License Office. Most marriage license fees range from $20 to $100. In some states, the fee may be waived if the couple completes a premarital course or counseling.

Do both members of the couple have to be present to receive a marriage license?

Yes. Whether you complete the license application online or in the Marriage License Office, both parties must appear together to sign the license at the time it is issued and both must present photo identification.

If I am divorced, do I need to bring divorce papers to get a marriage license?

Divorce papers are typically not required. It is up to the applicant to provide accurate information concerning prior marriages on the marriage license application.