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What is a Marina?

A Marina is a publicly accessible waterfront facility that provides access to the water and space to moor or dock small boats and yachts. In addition to docking and storage, Marinas often sell fuel and marine supplies, offer boat repair and maintenance services, and provide bilge and sewage pumpouts. They may offer boat rentals and boat operation or safety instructional classes as well. Some Marinas provide water, television, and phone hookups.

There are more than 11,000 Marinas operating in the U.S., excluding private clubs. They may be publicly or privately owned and operated. Most publicly owned Marinas are operated by municipalities. Management and maintenance may be performed as a municipal operation, or it may be contracted out to a Marina management company. Privately owned Marinas are predominantly owner operated. A Marina may be a freestanding facility or one component of a larger waterfront and upland development.

Marina operations include maintaining the dock, pilings, floating docks, and other waterside structures, and providing for periodic replacement of these structures. Management of a large parking area is also usually involved. Marinas may offer dry stack storage or rack storage in large buildings. In these cases, operations also entail moving boats into and out of storage using forklifts and placing boats in the water using elevator lifts.

In addition to Marinas offering customary services, some specialized Marina types exist. Destination Marinas provide a wide range of amenities beyond just docking facilities. They cater to boaters who seek additional recreational activities, and they are often associated with restaurants, hotels, retail developments, golf courses, and other leisure offerings.

Megayacht Marinas are designed to specifically service large boats of 80 feet or greater in length. Because of the dock size requirements to accommodate larger boats, the fees for Megayacht Marinas can be two to four times higher than for other Marinas.

Dockominiums refer to Marinas that operate using a condominium-style business model. Instead of renting or leasing rack space or slips, Dockominium customers own their space.