Suffolk County Swimming Pool

Find Suffolk County Massachusetts swimming pools and public aquatic parks. Swimming pools provide information on the municipal, free, local, and public indoor and outdoor community pool facilities.

Blodgett Pool 79 North Harvard Street Boston MA 02163 617-495-1789

Clougherty Pool 5 Austin Street Boston MA 02129 617-635-5173

Draper Massachusetts Pool 5279 Washington Street Boston MA 02132 617-635-5021

Flaherty Pool 160 Florence Street Boston MA 02131 617-635-5181

Lee Memorial Pool 280 Charles Street Boston MA 02114 617-523-9746

Mason Pool 176 Norfolk Avenue Boston MA 02119 617-635-5241

Mirabella Pool Commercial Street Boston MA 02109 617-635-5235

Paris Street Pool 112 Paris Street Boston MA 02128 617-635-5125

Vietnam Veterans Pool 184 Carter Street Chelsea MA 02150 617-884-9630

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About Swimming Pools

How much does it cost to use a Swimming Pool?

The cost to use a Swimming Pool can vary. Access to Swimming Pools at private facilities is usually based on a membership fee and related charges. Many Public Swimming Pools offer some open swim times at no cost to residents of the community, while they may charge fees for swim classes and other structured activities. Others may charge per-use fees or require a membership.

Are Public Swimming Pools regulated?

Yes. Each state regulates Public Swimming Pools through their Public Health Department. Regulations address the use of chemicals and the treatment of water, filtration and recirculation, and protocols for preventing recreational water illnesses.

What are the requirements for becoming a lifeguard?

The requirements vary by location, but typically a lifeguard must have a valid lifeguard certification. This includes required training and testing in water rescue techniques, CPR, and basic first aid. Most certification programs have a minimum age of 15 years and require approximately 35 hours of instruction.