Suffolk County Cemetery

Find Suffolk County Massachusetts cemeteries, memorial parks, mausoleums, graveyards, gravesites, graves or mortuaries. Cemeteries provide information on funerals and burial services including internment, headstones and grave markers, burial grounds, cemetery plots, vaults, crypts, as well as burial records for national, state,.

Adath-Jeshurun Cemetery Association 350 Grove Street Boston MA 02132 617-325-1984

Baker Street Cemetery 776 Baker Street Boston MA 02132 617-323-4066

Bennington Street Burying Ground Cemetery 2128 Bennington Street Boston MA 02128 617-635-7361

Bennington Street Cemetery 473 Bennington Street Boston MA 02128 617-635-4505

Boston Catholic Cemetery Association 366 Cummins Highway Boston MA 02131 617-325-6830

Boston Evergreen Cemetery 2060 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02135 617-635-7359

Boston Fairview Cemetery 45 Fairview Street Boston MA 02131 617-635-7360

Boston Forest Hills Cemetery 95 Forest Hills Avenue Boston MA 02130 617-524-0128

Boston Mount Hope Cemetery 355 Walk Hill Street Boston MA 02131 617-635-7361

Boston Saint Marys Cemetery Grove Street Boston MA 02132

Boston South End Burying Ground Cemetery 2118 Washington Street Boston MA 02119 617-635-7361

Boston St Marys Cemetery 125 Bernard Street Boston MA 02124 617-325-6830

Boston United Hand In Hand Cemetery 2659 Centre Street Boston MA 02132 617-325-6110

Brighton Boston City Cemetery 2060 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 02135 617-635-7359

Bunker Hill Burying Ground Cemetery Bunker Hill Street Boston MA 02129 617-635-7361

Catholic Cemeteries Association 175 Broadway Revere MA 02151 781-322-6300

Chelsea Garden Cemetery Shawmut Street Chelsea MA 02150

Corey St opp Mount Benedict Cemetery 520 Corey Street Boston MA 02132

Dorchester Center Cedar Grove Cemetery 920 Adams Street Boston MA 02124 617-825-1360

Eliot Burying Ground Cemetery Eustis Street Boston MA 02119 617-635-7361

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How much does a burial plot at a Cemetery cost?

On average, a single space burial plot will cost between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the total cost of a funeral may exceed $10,000 because of the cost of a casket, funeral home charges, a headstone or grave-marker, and other expenses.

What can be done if a Cemetery is not adequately maintaining its grounds?

If contacting the owner or operator does not resolve the issue, complaints can be directed to a state Cemeteries commission or consumer affairs office.

Are there restrictions on what items a family may leave at a burial site?

Most Cemeteries restrict what can be left at a gravesite and how long items may be left there. These restrictions are meant to preserve the aesthetics of the Cemetery and to minimize obstructions to maintenance activities. Cemeteries generally reserve the right to remove flowers and other items from a gravesite after a specified period of time.